Saturday, November 05, 2005

On Al's needles

Al found this pattern in a scarf book. That's all I know. It is being knitted as a gift for my sister, Deb for Christmas. She's the Irish one without the Hungarian bags under her eyes and tree trunks for calves. As a matter of fact, she just returned from Ireland, North and South, yesterday.

I must say the Christmas knitting is easier when :
1) Your daughter works at favorite LYS
2) She calls from work and says, "Mom, I found some yarn I love. What can I knit for someone for you for Christmas with a guage of 4sts/inch?"
3) You supply the funds.
4) She knits it up beautifully.

I am a lucky one, I am. Must be the luck of the Hungarian?


Alyssa said...

That is a beautiful scarf! Maybe Al can come to GROUP some time?

MARIE said...

Hello, katty!

nice to see your comment on my blog, i'm so happy, i'm a beginner knitter so i have to keeping the good work....

sory for my english... see you soon.

i love your blog to it's trully wonderfull !!!!and you scarf is very beautiful!

DR. Susan said...

HI Kath
Thanks for posting a pix of little ole Hummer Kathleen. It was 70 Chi's and one Papillion in that home in Wheeling! Oh, well. Details. Thanks for the plug for the new Autosmarts for Women blog. I have left some valuable winter tips!!
Susan and Hummie

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