Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Inside photos

Sorry, the weather just would not cooperate with an outdoor picture for today's post. This is Knitting Pure and Simple baby tunic 211. It will have a hood and sleeves. Al is knitting it in Plymouth yarns Fantasy Naturale 100% cotton. I think the bottom line is going to run about 30.00.

If you are tempted to knit in the round, I have found Diane's patterns at Knittingpureandsimple.com to be reliable and easily followed.

I have had a stretch off of work and have been knitting holiday gifts. I have yet to start my mom's cable scarf. I have never made anything for her since taking up my knitting again. I want it to be wonderful for her. She suffers from dystonia, and my wish is that the scarf will quell her neck tremors, if only for a bit.....if not, then I know she will bravely go out with an Irish scarf around her and face another day with this affliction, beautifully.

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