Monday, November 14, 2005


For those of you who read irisheyesknitters, the shower was fun. Al's sweater was unquestionably the most adored gift. No other knitted or chrocheted gifts were given. Quite a few of the soft blankets that you tie little knots all over the edges, were given. We played some games; I love shower games. I know this is a sign of getting old, but hey I won!

I have figured out the source of some weird head pain and am no longer thinking I need an MRI. I admittedly, was off to the races after a few days of this odd pain. Anyhow, the size one double points used for these fingerless gloves require that I wear my bifocals regularly. Its just an eye strain thing. My mother may have been right about turning on some lights when doing such things, altho I didn't go blind mom. Its just that I was at a harmonica concert saturday night and the lighting was suboptimal,( sorry I had to, ......) well dark to be exact, and I kept knitting away on the fingerless.

The woman sitting next to me reached impulsively into my knitting bag and grabbed finished glove number one. After it was in her hands, she asked, May I touch it? Then she commented on my having chevrons in it, and I kept knitting away. There are no chevrons in it. But I smiled at her in a way that said, put my glove back please. She ended up changing seats with her husband for the second half. Hmmmmm.

FYI: a harmonica is known as a mouth harp in the south. My Troy plays the harmonica, hence HARPNUT if you've ever wondered about the email address. Howard Levy gave an awesome performance. He's one of the world's best.


Genia said...

I've an uncle who also plays and collects harmonicas. In fact he has a room full of them! They are quite interesting to see, and I do love to hear him play.

A woman grabbed into my knitting bag once. I was so shocked my gum popped right out of my mouth onto her hand. If I remember correctly, she switched seats too.....right away. LOL

Lynn said...

I love to read your blogs and you post so often. Yeah for you!

Bernadette said...

Your story reminds me of the people who see a pregnant woman and feel compelled to touch her belly! :)

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