Saturday, October 15, 2005

Treat not Trick

This treat came in the mail today. My grandmother's crochet apron appears on the Christmas Day page. I'm going to be treating myself to some calendar page reading tonight. I let you know what knitting/crocheting crossovers I can find.

I did finish something on Finishing Friday ; I'll show you soon. Mini-muffler in baby alpaca.......ohhhhh ahhhhhhh. For the price of 11.00 with Al's discount, I made this toasty littel camel colored neck warmer, AND my hands enjoyed the lanolin. They feel like new. I'm a baby alpaca fan now.


Donna Boucher said...


love it


Sedie said...

OOOhhhh! Baby Alpaca sounds, darling. . . where did you purchase your calendar? I'd like to swipe one myself.

Summer said...

I'm making the crocheted apron as we speak while contemplating my new yarn store in Fairview, Utah. I'll post pics and keep you posted on the store.


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