Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sox and Rubbers

Well I was saddened to read Alison's blog today regarding the lack of committment that has become prevalent among sox clubs. Is this a Strictly American problem? Some of you are apparently uncomfortable with the whole 'sox in today's society' discussion. But, I am a believer that sox education must begin early. Yes, even sox in the classroom....

If one waits to try sox, until later in life, the entire topic becomes taboo for some. With the sudden surge in second sox syndrome, I ask you, what is the root of soxual dysfunction? Let's face it: its the inablity to finish. Plain and simple.

If the knitter is uncomfortable with sox in the 2000's, whose to blame? It seems it isn't enough to have sox anymore. You have to join sox clubs, buy sox toys and and protect yourself with diagrams. These diagrams are not always 100 percent effective; they have been known to become lost, rendering them almost certainly ineffective.

Traditional sox methods have butted heads lately with the invention of the two circular craze. Apparently getting it started is the biggest issue. It seems to me sox is sox and one can enjoy it anyway they wish. Its a personal preference. If getting started keeps you from your sox, you'll never know...the joy of Sox at all.

Take it from those of us with lots of sox experience: have protected sox and wear your rubbers. A tear can lead to unwanted sox and lots of tears.

I won't even begin to have the whole Sox envy discussion........

Be safe.
Your Cub fan blogger
kathy b


Jon said...

Very, um, enlightening. Maybe that's why women like Sox so much.

They have have sox, lots of sox, whenever and never fear of getting pregnant from the sox.


Jennifer said...

Hahahaha! Great post. I vote this for best post of the year. Hahahaha.

Alyssa said...

Very funny! I admit, I am a sox addict (we're talking knitting, not baseball)--

(another cubs fan...)

Donna Boucher said...

This is too funny!

My dad loved the yeah, I'm a North-sider too.


shelley said...

It's not sox that we have so much trouble talking about in public, it's rubbers.
Yes, this is the funniest post of the year!

Lynne said...

oh my gosh, Kathy....that is too funny...I have a problem with early soxual arousal. I get so excited about the thought of sox, then can't seem to maintain my soxcitement through the entire act...thus, I am soxually frustrated woman.

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