Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It is the one year anniversary of our blog

Lynn and I knit at the Chicago Botanic Gardens yesterday to celebrate blogging.
Al, a valuable irisheyes blogger, was sent off to school where she spent SOME time out of class anyhow at the nurse's office. We're calling it an alpaca reaction. She was knitting in shorts due to the Chicago heat, and the part of her left leg on which the alpaca rested, morphed into a nasty raised rash overnight.

Her wimpy Irish skin is rash happy. Has anyone else ever had a wool rash? Please respond yes, quickly , and mention it was not life-threatening and you were able to attend school uninterruptedly. My children have it hard, with a pediatric nurse mother and a paramedic father, they can't pass the wimpy stuff off on us. I threw down the gauntlet early in their little lives: "Show me the fever and we'll talk..."

Oh, I've digressed. I'm taking liberties now that I am not a rookie blogger.

Lynn and I celebrated on the Garden's patio and were graced by a hummingbird momentarily. Late for migration here in Chicago. Lucky to see ANY hummingbirds willy nilly in this area. We knitted and the time flew. The breeze was at its best.

Now if Lynn is in the hospital yet, she hasn't let on to me. The ultimate blog/friend/ appeased me by sitting outside all morning whilst the mold count was astronomically high amidst well, amidst the BOTANIC GARDEN trees, flowers and shrubs. She was not using an inhaler when we parted......

We (I) said we should talk about a few goals for our Irisheyesknitters blog. She laughed. (Excuse me, Mrs. promotion on the unit, goals are not just for the merit raises in life) She said, "Like maybe I should post again sometime eh?"
I said there was no pressure. I've had diarrhea of the fingers since I could type, so as long as she posts the photos of her incredible knitting, I was happy. I thought her goal should be writing a pattern to post on our Irisheyesknitters.

My goal is to keep it informative. Keep it fun. Keep up the frequent posts.

Looking back to last October we were the Knappinghouse blog, until I learned what a knapper was and decided I didnt want big strapping knappers finding my little yarn gibberish when they did a search and became the Irisheyesknitters.

Maureen, Lynn, Al and I all have blue irisheyes. This means we are blessed with smiling eyes more often than not. It means some of us are more Irish than others. Some are more Hungarian! It was the one thing we had in our common roots. A year later Maureen still hasn't bought her camera.

Too bad for us. She's a phenom knitter. Lynn continues to help me along in moments of tears related to but not limited to: seams, patterns, general knitting inferiority thoughts and computer photo crashes.

Al, is a big reason why its so easy to post. With two knitters under the roof, there is almost always something new going on. Her working at 3 Bags Full is always good for material. She is a great knitter, due to her wonderful math mind, her nourished art gene ( you should read her college essay, knitters be proud!), and the many many knitters she is surrounded by at 3 Bags Full in Northbrook. I would like a post of her knitting in class before she graduates high school in January. It was one of the only things that comforted her in high school. Not ONE teacher ever asked her to stop. She's the finisher around here, I'm Kitchener Queen. Its a co-dependency issue for us.

So thanks, Lynn, Al, and Maureen for blogging with me. Because you make my Irish heart happy.....


Jon said...

Why are there so many of you contributing to one lonely blog?

Sorry to hear about the alpaca allergy. I know of other people who have that. Maybe you are just destined for acryls...you poor thing! Bawahahahahahahahahaha

Alyssa said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary! and to answer your question...I occasionally have a raised unsightly rash on my fore arms after I knit with certain materials -- I still make it to work though;)
I love reading your blog and I'm so glad we've met -- keep up the great knitting!

Jennifer said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Nilda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Nice work for one year.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing and hearing what you have been up to. I hope to see you at the next GROUP.

Don't worry if they use my words for GROUP over yours. We all still like you anyway. Yeah me!


Donna Boucher said...

Happy blogiversary!

Keep on knittin' :o)

Siri said...

Happy blog birthday to you all! What the heck is a knapper anyways? Suppose I'd have to google it to find out if I really wanted to know.
About the alpaca reaction, I remembered reading on Kate Gilbert(designer of the Union Square sweater on the cover of the last Interweave Knits magazine)'s blog, that she developed contact dermatitis from working with the alpaca yarn in that sweater.
Let's see...I found it. Here's the link to her post about that:

Anonymous said...

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