Thursday, September 29, 2005

Having Photo issues

Oh no, a post without a snapshot....blogspot photo load is goofy today. Sorry.

I usually try to stick to knitting. I will continue blogging as so, however:
During the month of October, (2 more days 2 more days) I am going to use Fall, Halloween, Harvest photos often. I LOVE the month of October.

The Irish brought the Celtic tradition to the States. If you examine the history there isn't anything evil about it. I actually get all sad when people say "WE don't celebrate Halloween" in a churchy sort of way. WHADDA YA MEAN? When I was growing up we LIVED for Halloween. When I was about 4, my mother wouldnt give me or my sister, (yes the one whose hair I pulled out on her First Holy Communion) candy before lunch.(what a meanie) I believe it was June. I had the out of the box thought for us to go next door to our sweet neighbor MaryEllen's house and trick or treat. It worked! We got us some candy! Too bad MaryEllen called our mom as we went on down the block and we could hear her yelling for us all the way down Oketo St. to get back here this instant. If there was a punishment that isn't even part of the memory. My mom was a softie. So b/c of Irisheyesknitters and the whole Celtic Halloween history, I reserve the right to Halloween as much as I want.

Lynn and I have a blog anniversary lunch set for Monday. (oops, don't anyone tell Al or she'll want a free day from school to go along.....) Blogging is a blast for me. It seems blogging is a blast for all lasting bloggers! We leave each other comments and thats proof positive. Thank you to each and everyone who has left a comment. I thank the lurkers too.

I never filled out the 100 things about me. Don't worry I'm not going to. But if I did, I would tell you that I probably sit too close to the wheel when I drive. This has nothing to do with knitting, but I have to make it SO, I'll tell you how I am liking the pinwheel baby blanket more now. GROUP was a support group this past week. I was assured that as long as the blanket wasn't going to a knitter no one will see a few misplaced Yo's. So pinwheel, steering wheel, that's the connection for today if you missed it.

I love stream of consciousness. My sincerest apologies for this post.

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Cindy said...

Thank you for the compliment on my socks. I am very proud of them, but I think we all tend to be our own worst critics. I LOVE halloween too! I too get very disappointed in people who don't celebrate it due to "religious" reasons. I still have very fond memories of my dad taking half of the neighborhood around trick or treating.

I hope you find the black, orange and green yarn you are looking for, I would love to see the hat pattern, I have a brandy new neice that I would love to make a halloween hat for.

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