Monday, September 19, 2005

Be kind to Thy Sister

Al made her brother a new hat. She bought the yarn at 3Bags Full yarn summer sale. Zach wants to wear it inside out. Ahhh the designer/recipient hurt feelings avoidance.

The color is a bit off in the photo. The peach stripe is actually more beige. THe green is an angora from Pixiestix trade. I love that she made him the hat.

I have 4 sisters. My father used to tell us to be kind to each other, that we will need each other some day. This, I believe, only made us more mean to each other. Therefore, I do not ever tell my children this. The meanest I may ever have been, was the day my older sister made her First Holy Communion. I was so jealous of the watch she recieved, I got into a fight with her and pulled a hunk of her hair out!
Thankfully, my mother arranged Mary Jo's veil just so, and the bald spot didn't show. Wasn't I awful? Were you awful to your sister growing up?


Heather said...

Looks great! Glad it was used! :)

Chicago Jen said...

For the most part I was alright to my brother (I'm six years older). More often than not we covered each other's butts pretty well, and pretty often. HOWEVER.... there was one time I was baby sitting for him (think me junior high, him 5 y/o?). In my typical adolescent hormonal rage I whacked him in the middle of his shirtless back with my open palm as he was running away from me. For the next several hours he had a HUGE red hand mark in the middle of his back just over his little Superman underoos. He never told on me.... um, hello? Guilt? Yeah. Guilt. Still stings today. :) Jen

Donna Boucher said...

I was quite the scrappy kid. I would dig my fingernails into anyone who did me wrong.
I kicked my sister down the stairs as we were fighting over a belt.
Then my mother asked her if she had been drinking and she did not tell on me.

We are extremely close now (all seven of us) but they love to bring up the past and rub it in :o)

Hey...I was Donna in the middle.

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