Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cha ching Cha ching, the cost of it all

Lynn asked about the yarns I'm using. This reminded me of my own BLOG rule about coming clean on the costs. Ouch, this one is not for the frugal.

Potpourri Shawl Pattern, (chris bylsma designs)
Addi Turbo's US #15s 32"
23.75 (ouch)
ONline(MC) Linie 116 Spirit 8.50/skein
Ironstone Yarns Eyelash
Mohair (can't find label, will f/u later)
12.50 so far, I think I'll need more.

The rest of the yarns are stash leftovers, and they, of course, weren't free So I'll lump them around

So its running over a hundred dollars easy for this shawl.

The following is the rationalization ......
Itwas my birthday weekend when I fell in love with the pattern at Stitches.

The original purchase of MC online yarn was made over a year ago, and was from a gift certificate. Originally worked for St. Seraphina Knits lace shawl pattern which I completed half of and frogged immediately and deliciously when I saw this shawl worn by a vendor at Stitches.

I'll certainly use the needles again.

I plan to wear it to an evening wedding in October.

Nothing says Hungarian gypsy roots like this shawl says it to me.
Vouge schmouge.


Alyssa said...

The expense is so worth it! I hope you bring the shawl to "group" :)

Lynne said...

Oh, you are a brave girl to publish those details! I'd be afraid my husband would read it!

Lovely shawl, and you should have it.

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