Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More Up North Knitting Photos

This is the darling Double Rolled Storm Hat designed by Eagle River's Annies' Woolens. I used Mountain Colors Pheasant. Storm hat was relaxing on the dock of the Thirsty Whale. I've decided I buy patterns from locals when traveling and have unknowingly begun a fine tradition as well as a good habit.

Up North cabin/lake home owners name their places things like: The Wet Dog Inn, The Doo Little Lodge, Loon Landings, and Whileaway Resort.

Oh, back to knitting. I met Jennifer, the Borders Knit group organizer last night at our informal knit group. She's a great new knitter, attempting complex projects and so enthusiastic. Thanks Jennifer for starting this group. Also met Karen for the first time. Loved the colorway of the scarf she was making. I will bring a camera next time. Also met Alyssa, whose blog you can enjoy at She is a writer and probably does not blog in prose as I do! I do plan to read Eats, Shoots and Leaves soon.

Jan, my best knitting teacher ever and dear friend, is teaching at YarnLady in Laguna Hills CA. Their website is They are so lucky to have Jan find them. If you live in the area and are looking for a woman who can teach you anything knitting and make you feel like a million bucks doing it, she's the one.

Miss you Jan. Miss Lynn too these days. Our vacations were back to back and I am missing our banter!

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Jan C Laguna Hills said...

Miss you too, Kathy, and that sweet Al, sooo much. Thanks for the sweet words.

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