Saturday, June 11, 2005

"We're off to knit in public....." See my ruby slippers? Where will you knit in public on this, worldwide knit in public day? Im also off to find more prizes! Photograph yourself or others knitting in public and send to my email : by 6/13. You'll help a good cause. I'm donating a dollar for every photo sent to Illiinois Burn Camp for kids. Thanks you guys for offering to send me a donation per paypal. Im just not paypal savvy. Just enter the contest, I'll handle the dollar! Good luck. Prizes from irisheyesknnitters to be awarded it. Just because its fun.
June 11th is worldwide knit in public day! Contest info. posted 5/24


--Deb said...

That's nice and generous of you! Good for you. And yes, I KIP'd today!

alison said...

This is such a great idea! Wish I could've gotten my act together to get a picture taken and sent to you. Can't wait to see the pics people sent in!

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