Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Okay I try to keep to knitting on this blog. I feel like I should be talking about making a silk purse from a sow's ear. Its just that this little piggy was so cute at the farm in town that I thought he'd be blog stopping! Back to knitting. Rebecca blog reader thank you for your very nice comments. Chappy's mom, we ordered the teas and love the mombo. Very mild almost a sweet tea. Okay back to knitting. Seed stitch shell knitalong for me and Al is moving along. It has been very helpful to me to knit along with Al. Pattern reading is getting easier for me, and this seems to be a well-written pattern from Vogue. Already thinking ahead to next project. Mosaic Yarn Studio had a darling shrug pattern that I purchased today. Knit from side to side, translation, kathy despises finishing work and was excited at the potential for this pattern. Must bravely go where others have gone and try to find a yarn within my budget that will fit this pattern, b/c it would be a budget crusher shrug if I used the suggested yarns. I guess I will not be sticking to my resolve to see something already knitting in a shop and follow pattern and yarn in a Type A fashion. I could work some extra hours........naaaah, not in the summer. I have standards you know. Perhaps I should leave this up to Maureen to suggest a switch in yarns. Or you dear reader, may I?
I miss Jan my best knitting teacher.

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