Monday, May 09, 2005

Here's the little robin's egg found on our sidewalk ...there is something about that color that is not inorganically reproduceable if you ask me...... I thought that by giving my sweater to Lynn for finishing, (she is going to be richly rewarded) that my knitting stress level would return to baseline. I felt complete and total freedom as I handed it hastily to her husband Rob at their front door the other night. I really thought about the ding dong ditch move......see? The finishing element colors my thought processes. It is something I plan to master later.......... I felt an immediate euphoria when it was out of my hands..... Why then did I dream that I brought my baby sweater to work and lost it! I was crying in my dream! Has anyone ever dreamed about their knitting? C'mon I cannot be the only one......... Posted by Hello

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Irisheyes Lynn said...

You might not be so happy when you see my finishing results! My anxiety is now climbing!

I dream about knitting all the time, especially when I'm trying to decide on my next project. Now I'll probably dream about your sweater.

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