Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wrist Relief

Yesterday's welcome discovery came from They have a series of 5 brief hand movements to warm up your wrists for knitting. Having just come off a long 12 hour shift at work, I tried them and I have to say they felt wonderful.

Berroco offers a wrist/hand glove designed to wear while knitting, but I found the wrist warm up soothing in and of itself. The only part I had trouble doing was the thumb stretch....I think my Hungarian thumbs weren't meant to move that way...

Other knitting updates..... I'm nearly finished with the back of my sweater. I love the colors. WIll post a photo soon.

My sockapalooza socks looked so nice in my nurses clogs. I made a little fair isle hat for a tiny patient, see above.

Happy NCAA to knit to weekend! Allison and I are the Knitpickers team, and sad to say, our yarn budget does not look to be increasing at this time....go Duke.

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