Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I love the look of the OnLine Spirit now that it is blended with 2 strands of Cornflower Cotton Classic Tahki. The cottons really tone it down but the Spirit flecks of color come right through.  Posted by Hello


Irisheyes Lynn said...

Kathy, it's gorgeous! Cornflower blue is my favorite color.

Have you noticed my blogging frequency has decreased since you learned to post pictures? I apparently have no self-motivation.

Kathleen in Germany said...

What a great colour! I love the extra bits, and that they don't detract from the blue.
And that swimming photo was mean, just mean ;)
Actually, I should probably look at more of those photos to motivate me to eat more salads!!!
Hope your weather gets better soon :)

maureen mueller said...

Kath ... Aren't you glad you frogged? So much cuter than the black fixation.
P.S. Am planning my digital camera purchase when Lent is over!

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