Thursday, February 17, 2005

STILL working on Lara

Yes, I'm STILL working on Lara. What you see in the picture is the left front, left sleeve, and part of the back. I just cast on for the right front. Does that mean I'm halfway done? I really can't tell. I also just finished 2 bucket hats (Le Chic Boutique : ChicKnits Online Catalog : Bucket Hat Pattern) for my nieces Brielle and Olivia who are having their birthdays next week. Mindy graciously agreed to pose again, but only with one hat (Brielle's). Livvy's is the same in turquoise.

The season of voice/band contests and concerts is upon us, so I need a portable project. Lara is too big all in one piece to cart around. I thought about Maureen's beaded scarf, but I don't want to carry beads around either. I'm thinking of socks, unless I find something exciting in the new Rowan magazine. I'd like to find a good pattern for the Calmer yarn that I bought on ebay last year. Any other suggestions?


Kathy said...


I think you are overtired from work. Socks? Whadda ya crazy?

I'd rather you make an ice cream pint cozy! How about the laptop sampler from the KNitWIt flip book? For the future. ....... Or a nice hotwaterbottle cozy.

maureen mueller said...

My portable projects (they live in the car and I work on them during piano/guitar lessons, kids' shopping trips to Best Buy, etc.) are usually socks or hats. I think you're right about the lace scarf - too easy to spill beads (I'm envisioning you crawling around on the floor collecting them during a voice recital) and I have to really concentrate on the pattern and controlling the yarn.
I loved Al's calmer yarn - what color is yours? How about a little shrug for summer with some sort of eyelet stitch?

maureen mueller said...

P.S. Did you felt the hats?

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