Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Guest Blogger Spirit Yarn Vents

Well, it took her two trips to Wisconsin in the last two weeks to finally get it.
She is so absent sometimes when she is knitting.
I think some of it is the back-to-back 12 hours shifts she's been working. Although.... we've been knitted with by Girls Scouts who have gotten it faster......
Girl Scouts from other countries, with langauge barriers suffering from jetlag.

We began to suspect she loves frogging more than knitting. Some strange genetic disorder that delights in the feel of the yarn popping when being ripped. A magician related disorder that gleefully delights in seeing a nearly perfectly knit sweater disappear before her very eyes while the crowd gasps.

We did our very best to stop her. She actually USED the car skylight wrench to keep going on her last trip to Milwaukee after we thought we had hid every possible stitch holder from her. Maybe we should add a disclaimer to our tags: Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Works for investment companies.

We thought she was on to our message after the last trip to Dairyland when Lynn and Maureen ever so gently and politely bit their lips in unison when she tried to match us up with......fixation in black.

She just kept on going, even after two good days of naps in a row. All during the Westminster Dog Show. SIX full hours of coverage, knitting away ignoring the dye lot problem as she picked up and knitted the sleeves. We've heard of optimism but c'mon admit a mistake!!!!! At least NOTICE the mistake.

Somewhere between the breed group wins and the final judging, she had a revelation. We believe it was an eyebrow raised, followed by moving to 4 different rooms with a variety of lighting before she got it.

We are exhausted, begging to be put aside, heck, we'll take a time out. We NEED one. Don't even frog us right now, we just wanna be mad for awhile.

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