Friday, January 07, 2005

Snow photos

Doesn't the snow make the perfect backround? Speaking of backrounds, many thanks to Al for making the blog format a bit easier on the eyes. Aren't we looking good? Too bad she's losing her free period next semester. ......I think this is when some really good ideas come to her.

Snow prevented Lynn and Maureen and I from a little 3 Bags Full trip. Missed seeing you guys.

Not sure if the photos will appear in order of the paragraphs, but think of this as a mental challenge without much challenge! Match them up if you will.

Paragraph 1:

Hungarian Hanger. Made by my Irish sister Deb. My Hungarian aunt Eleanor taught Deb the crocheted craft, because Deb asked! These hangers are the best! I can hang lots of handknitted scarves and hats on on hanger! I thank her for the nice blue color; (in other words thanks for not using afghan orange.....) Now to get Deb to make me a few more.........
I have eaten every Hungarian cookie my father gave me for Christmas. (I asked for seconds and got them. They are gone too. They are the perfect pick me up during the last 4 hours of a 12 hours shift)

Paragraph 2:

These 2 gorgeous gifts are from my dear friend Eileen and Al. The tape measure is from Al for Christmas. This should end the WHERES MY TAPE MEASURE chant from Troy. It should aslo end the frantic searches by me and Al to locate said tool asap.
The yarn is recylced silk that Eileen found for me on the Hunger site. A little note with this gorgeous yarn said it would help hunger. Each skein translates to 25 bowls of rice for hungry tummies. I love the colors. So far I envision a little summer bag from it.

Paragraph 3:

This should be Al's new sweater project. She is knitting in Rowan 4ply, Melissa Wherle's LUCKY, clover lace wrap.

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