Thursday, December 16, 2004

How could they? Al's broken heart

Al's heart is broken. Someone stole her fingerless glove gift from her locker at school. She knits at school all the time. She left her gift for Karen, who has adored my fingerless gloves whenever she is at our house, in her locker last night. This morning when she handed the bag to Karen it was empty.

If you scroll down a bit you'll see her Koigu gloves, finished. Before the crime. Of course, like all of us, she choose the yarn colors carefully for her friend Karen and was so excited to give them to her.

She's looked everywhere in disbelief thinking no one could possibly want them and leave the rest of the gift, a gift certificate, in the bag. I told her kids at school have money, but maybe money can't buy such a neat gift as hers.....

Lots of tears on her way to work at 3 Bags Full this afternoon. Does anyone have ideas how I can make her feel better? I know you are supposed to let your child have their feelings without trying to fix them......but this one is not in the parental rule book.....all I could say was, "Please drive carefully now, and you can cry with your friends at the shop when you get there......"

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