Tuesday, December 14, 2004

All I Want for Christmas is Socks!

At least I hope that's what everyone wants for Christmas! I have been knitting socks since the dawn of the millennium, or so it seems. The 2 pair of Christmas socks are for my girls, Becky and Katie. The second sock of the last Christmas pair (for me) is on the needles, about to start the heel flap. I need to finish that by Christmas Eve. The other 3 pairs in the picture are for my nieces. I have one more pair for a niece to finish (first sock on the needles), but I have until the 31st to get those done. I'm bringing them to work on on the plane and in Disney World. The last picture shows 2 scarves made out of Classic Elite Parade, one for my niece in Florida, and one for Tina at work (because I'm always making work for her). The yarn is kind of chenille-y and very soft. My Christmas knitting is almost over!


wendy said...

Store bought socks would be kind of lame gifts, but handknit socks are a totally different beast (either that or my family is weird). I loved getting handknit anything as a kid so I wouldn't worry too much-- I'm sure those socks will be dearly loved.

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Thanks, Wendy! I have made socks for all of my nieces before and they did love them. So I know my work will be appreciated this time too.

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