Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I hope Santa isn't making that list yet, because I have been busy making my own sweater, when I ought to be knitting gifts! I'd say that's NOT the Nice category.

I am a superstitious knitter. I am on a roll with this top down sweater. I think I'll jinx it if I stop and go back to it later. Its not December....yet. I have 13 days to make my sister's birthday Irish triangular scarf in seed stitch. It's my own alteration of the Interweave pattern. Yup. I am experimenting and on a deadline to boot.

I also know that if I go to the soft cream colored merino wool for her scarf, I'll be addicted to the softness and my not go back to the Mission Falls cotton that I am using for the sweater.

I have the remaining 12 days to make Troy's entire second ski sock........

By the way, we had HUNGARIAN stuffing at my family's Thanksgiving table. For the 44th year in a row I just couldnt even taste it. My Hungarian father and Uncle told us all how it's made. I'll spare you the details, but there are organs involved...


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Irisheyes Lynn said...

There are organs involved in my German grandmother's stuffing too. I always helped her make it the day before Thanksgiving, so I have never eaten it in my entire life. I always make it when I have Thanksgiving, though. It's tradition. And I'm making Katie learn how to make it so she can carry on the tradition.

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