Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Legend Sheepy Hollow

Happy Halloween!

Knapping house's favorite legend: Sleepy Hollow of course!
Knapping house's Yarn Shop of the week: Sheepy Hollow, of course. It's in Wisconsin.

My Hungarian side likes to tell our own legend; apparently my great-great grandfather died.....ready? at the age of 104.........with........
his knitting needles in his hands. So I asked my father, what was he knitting? He's going to get back to me on this after consulting his baby brother, my Uncle Bill, the family historian.
Because I brought it up, he retrieved his old hunting gloves, knitted by his aunt, Ella.

He's wanted them MENDED for over a year, not by me, mind you. Now that Al actually is employed at 3 Bags Full Knit Shop, he's entrusting them to us to find a mendor. So I brought them home and Al and I started checking out the stitch work. We were skeptical .......
the stitches are even, the ribbing is uniform and delicate, and the decreases are nothing short of perfect. We decided Aunt Ella fibbed and purchased these for him.............until'
we found two tiny little woven in ends at the cuff...........

this side of my family could knit............
( I was starting to feel a little , you know, genetically superior, about my potential that is......)
I had something I loved about being the most Hungarian-like of all my sibs. They have the fair Irish skin, the red hair and highlights, the skinny jig legs. I have legs like tree trunks, dark eye circles and the need to put a gravy on almost everything. And now I know, I must have the knitting gene too!

More to come....stay tuned for more Hungarian knitting history!

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