Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Knit in at Kathy's

I had more than a few laughs with Connie, Joanie and Lynn today. Amazing nurses, amazing knitters. I am posting pictures of Connie's fun GreenBay Packer scarf, (a gift), Lynn's finished sock for her neice ( a gift) and Joanie's tiny baby booties ( a gift) there a theme here? Yup.

I look at my friend's hands closely at work. They do amazing things. They lift tiny tiny people with grace and confidence. They put IV's in veins no bigger than fingering yarns. They do a thousand minute movements with these hands and they bring honor to a dying profession.

Its amazing to see them knit too. Maybe its just amazing to see them sit in one place for a while! I am lucky to work with them and even get to knit with them, once in awhile.............

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