Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Not So Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

For Today: 
Outside my window: there is a sea of green.  Grasses, trees, bushes, leaves, and lichen are everywhere.  
I miss this in winter. 

I Am thinking: I love reading other bloggers' Daybook entires.  
(Neveradullmoment's blog) 

I am Thankful: for this whimsical paper mache bowl.
Friend Abby, brought this to me from Israel. 
It is delicate, but will hold stitch markers and knitting notions nicely. 
It is too pretty to tuck away. 

 In the kitchen: there is not enough caffeine to make me feel awake yet.  How could one little ear infection wipe me out so?

I am wearing:a white tee shirt and a fleece vest. Yes its July but we are only in the 60 s today and it is lovely. 

I am creating: another Trap scarf of course. 

I am going: back to bed for a nap before I leave for work. 

I am wondering: if Al will have to have her Independence Day at the ER due to the possible Hurricane.  Ah the life of the nurse…
holidays are never really ours.

I am reading: Brene Browns very insightful books. 
She gets me.

I am hoping: we get to paddle our kayaks this week.

I am looking forward to: Fireworks.  I am still a kid about them. 

I am hearing: a jackhammer disrupt the summer silence.

Around the house: the cats are relaxing. 
Rozzy's having a good summer. Hooray. 
We are grateful for it. 

I am pondering: how many steps the Elliptical gives me. My New Balance wrist pedometer does not work on the elliptical.

Favorite Quote: If you are not barefoot, you are overdressed for summer. 

Plans for the week: Do not work.  Repeat after me, do not work the Holiday weekend. I am finished after tonight .  

Peek into my day: knitting before napping before working before sleeping 

I hope you weren't bored….


elns said...

You are never boring, Kathy! I am with you on the copious amounts of caffeine needed. Honestly this whole week I have been less than ... awake.

As far as the elliptical goes my understanding is that a sustained 20 minutes of brisk activity = 1 mile.

Wishing a wonderful long weekend. to napping and knitting and a little activity too :)

KSD said...

Never bored with you.

Judy S. said...

Fun post! Have a great Fourth!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. Hope the holiday weekend is a relaxing one for you. :-)

Araignee said...

I'm worried about that hurricane spoiling my holiday plans also. Let's just hope it goes out to sea like they usually do.
My bug still has me wiped out too. I just don't bounce back from things like I used to. Sigh....

Nancy said...

I'm still padding around the house in wool slippers, but this weekend, the temps are supposed to reach the 90s. I hope they don't stay there long.

Love the bowl and the sleeping kitty photo. Life is good.

Lynn said...

Not bored at all!! You aren't the only one who enjoys reading the daybooks!!! And I was enjoying it too until you said you were in the 60s!!!! grrrr.

Thankfully you have other redeeming qualities!!! ;)

Good for you for not having to work this wknd. Enjoy your time off!!!

Toni said...

That bowl is so beautiful! AND it's handmade AND it's from a friend--there aren't a lot of "things" I love, but I do love to be surrounded by things from friends.

SissySees said...

Your elliptical should have a stride counter. I would think each stride is a step? If not... search the 'net! I bet there's a conversion somewhere out there.

Hope you're feeling better!

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