Monday, July 07, 2014

Cranky Pants

 I'm in love with Misti Alpaca cotton and silk. 
This is my new Trap main color way.
I believe they've discontinued it, however. 
I'll have to scoop up as much as I can at Three Bags Full.
(There is a new post up at the Studio's blog.
The post is about preventing hand/wrist pain while knitting. )
 Yesterday I dropped an empty wine bottle on the kitchen tile. 
Glass shattered and shards went everywhere. 
When are they going to make wine in a plastic bottle?
I'm just not safe with glass. 
Anyhow, I cleaned the dangerous mess and in doing so 
got a shard in my foot. 
(I was wearing sandals…..)

We couldn't get the darn little painful shard out with tweezers.
So I read online that you should put superglue on the area and let it dry.  You then peel it off and the shard will come out. It worked like a charm. 
Sadly, for me this meant I had to keep stepping yesterday and couldn't take a pity day off.   

 My friend Rita has this cat and angel in her yard.
I need one…..

Table for two anyone?
Pie is so much browner than Beatles. 
Can you see the big difference? 

Finally, I think middle age has got the best of me.
I'm so uncomfortable in the humidity and heat now.
I used to love these mid summer days and now I'm kind of a cranky pants.  I'm more of a cranky pants when I have the a/c on inside. I feel so confined without the open windows. So,  I take cool showers.  I take short car rides with the a/c blasting.
I stand in front of the fan. 

Anything you can suggest? 


Unknown said...

Say, that super-glue trick is a dandy! I'm going to have to remember that one.

The cats' Table For Two is purrrfect for a warm summer's day. Cute picture. And yes, I can really see the difference in the color of their coats. I thought Pie was black.

I wish I had a fabulous solution for the heat and humidity in the midwest...but beyond what you're already doing...I've got nothin'. An iced drink in front of the AC with a "cool" knitting project...perhaps with a friend for some good about the best.

Katherine said...

I think you already have the idea--fans, fans, fans! I have one in every room of the house and turn it on as soon as I enter the room. Of course if I forget to turn them off DH fusses a bit when he has put new batteries in them every day. I also have bar rags that I use in the kitchen, so I dampen one and dab my face and neck with it while I'm working around the house. We do what we must.

Nancy said...

I don't have AC, so I close up the house in the morning and pull the blinds and drapes closed. Sometimes, I feel like I'm living in a cave, but the house stays somewhat cool with the help of ceiling fans. Closing up the house is the key element.

Love the photo of Pie & Beatles. Yes,their coloring is distinctive with them side by side.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Heat makes me cranky too ... but I keep reminding myself that winter is worse! Iced drinks are very helpful.

The heat in Colorado was pretty brutal, especially while climbing mountain roads. But at least there were no mosquitoes.

Are your cats Burmese? We used to have a Burmese who looked black but was really a very dark brown.

P.S. I took plenty of yarn on our trip but did very little with it. :)

karen said...

Pray for winter, that's all I got ;) I stay inside the AC. I promise it gets better when you are past the "changing". I rarely get over nauseous, or massive hot flashes (thank god!). Good luck!

elns said...

I am prone to summertime cranky pants, but not just for being hot, for feeling rushed. Summer is not for rushing! And for summer mornings without coffee. It makes me crybaby pants.

I love how your two kitties are different shades of black. Very sweet.

I have had glass shards stuck in my foot twice this summer. I am absolutely in love with this bit of advice.

And per usual, your knitting looks fabulous.

Judy S. said...

So glad you got the glass out of your foot! I will remember that tip. Like your newest yarn, too. I remember those hot, muggy Midwest days; try a vacation in the Pacific Northwest maybe?

Araignee said...

I've been in hot flash land for almost 13 years now and it's not for sissies. My heart beats to fast, the world spins, my feet itch and I feel like I can't breathe when it gets too hot. I live on gin and tonics and popsicles all summer. I just had a diet coke float with cherry frozen yoghurt for dinner and I spent all evening in an ice rink. We have ceiling fans in every room and I have a box fan I carry around where I need it. I would DIE without the AC. Really, really die. Anything important gets done in the early morning when I have the windows and doors open. Afternoons are for reading and naps behind closed curtains.

It sounds like you need to start buying your wine in a box. I love that super glue trick. We are always digging glass out of someone around here. I'll have to try it.

Lynn said...

mine was to stay in an a/c'd house until the heat passes....

Anonymous said...

Love that superglue trick. I'll have to remember that one.

My coping technique --- drink plenty of ice cold water.

Mereknits said...

You had better not move down here, hot and humid are the norm. So sorry you stepped on that glass, ouch! Love your new yarn for your new project.

SissySees said...

You are so darned cute. I love the table for two.

When we're running, we're reminded to splash the back of our necks, even if we're not hot. Do you own any of the cooling scarves?

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