Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Practically Practical

 The Colors in lower Wisconsin are just beginning their dance. 
Judy is potato chip knitting cowls and I jumped on the wagon and am making Grandmas Boot Slippers. 
It is an ingenious simple pattern.

Last year I knitted those sleek fancy slippers Coco Knit knotted slippers.  While they are adorable, they don't keep my toes warm and they kind of fall off.  
Grandma must have been a smart lady. 
This first pair pulls on like a dream and they stay on. 
Free Ravelry pattern. 
I'm not doubling the yarn as instructed, I'm using 
a bulky weight Berroco Vintage Chunky. 

I'm very practical. 
Can't stand waste.
Oh, and I played Yarn chicken last night and won with this gray yarn.  I won by a strand folks!  A strand mind you.
Les than a two foot strand was left. 

I'm feeling kind of smug today...
Let me ?  OK?  


Katherine said...

You are the Queen! Anything less than a yard is a huge win!! I love these slippers and may try a pair myself. Yours are beautiful and look very warm. It has cooled so fast here this year that I am looking for warm footies and getting winter clothes into the closet. Now it will get hot again.

Betsy said...

We had a hard freeze last night and I lost all of my flowers. I didn't expect it so it was a bit disappointing that I didn't cover anything. A lot of our trees are already bare. Your slippers are so sweet. My toes are a bit cold this morning so I may have to get busy and make myself a pair! :-). Great job on the yarn! Two feet! That is definitely a win.

Teresa Kasner said...

Those slippers are wonderful! Good job! I got some wild colored yarn yesterday so I could do some crocheting of little hats for donating and a blanket for Gracie's blanket project. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Vera said...

Those slippers look so toasty and warm and soft and cuddly. Great job winning at yarn chicken!

kathy b said...

Katherine..trythe pair you'll love them!
Betsy...oh IM not ready to lose all my flowers yet...so sorry ! Roses usually outlast the frost.....
Teresa....WHy does you get wild colored yarn NOT surprise me??
Vera...Thanks it was so good to win Yarn Chicken . Losing stinks. Ahem: My Cubs lost last night

Araignee said...

Oh....I love them. I need a pair. I had to dig out my bed socks last night and I actually slept in my sweat clothes because all my cold weather jammies were a bit dusty. In the wash they went today so I'll be ready tonight.
I played yarn chicken with gray last night and won also. It was on the looooong front bands of son't cardi and it would NOT have been a good thing if I lost.

kathy b said...

Deb they are wonderful boot/slippers ! Go for it

Judy S. said...

Fun slippers! You're right about the other slippers; Catherine's got caught on something and she fell. Congrats on winning the yarn chicken "game"! It's hard to hold your breath that long though, isn't it? Now I've gotta go find the new bootie pattern. Maybe that'll be my next potato chip, but first I need to wind the new yarn for the cowls.....it came today!

Gracie Saylor said...

Bravo for your slipper knitting, Kathy b :) xx

Delighted Hands said...

Love this pattern! I have made tons and everyone loves them once they try them on!
Congrats on winning at yarn chicken!

Tired Teacher said...

I agree, the slipper pattern is a keeper! Several years ago, I knit multiple pairs, and loved the design and the knitting.

Stefanie Ng said...

Claps for a pattern that knits up well and fits great.

Yarn Miracle said...

Those are the shoes my great grandmother made! I am so glad that pattern is still out in the world.

*warm fuzzy*

Mereknits said...

I would be feeling smug to, one time I ended a shawl with two inches left of yarn, I was so proud of myself!

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