Wednesday, October 05, 2016


My new favorite tree in our woods....
it is so beautiful and so old. 
I'm determined to clean up the woods and let it flourish again. 

So I caved. 
The fingerless cabled pattern got me for the 3rd time yesterday.
In my defense! 
You knew there would be defense:
The size one needles and fingering yarn made it very difficult to see what I was doing. 
Too many cables and crosses. 

Another time?

I cast on another Capucine hat and I'm calm again. 

Why does knitting failure bring up so emotion for me?  
EEE gads


Delighted Hands said...

I understand why-we hate to be beat at something but the act of ripping it off the needles and winding it back into a yarn ball means you win! Feel better and knit that hat!

Vera said...

Maybe just a break is what you need! Enjoy the hat and the mitts may come later...or not...after all, our knitting is supposed to be enjoyable, not a chore!

Betsy said...

Someone once told me there are no Knitting police! That made me feel so much more free to rip out things I didn't like or change them to the way I wanted them to be. There is no failure with Knitting. Enjoy your hat! On another note blogger won't let me post anything for some strange reason. When everybody else lost their blog list on their side bars I kept mine, but now I can't post. I'm trying to let some of my faithful readers know that so they don't think something happened to me. I'll keep trying but at least for now I can still post on your blog.

Araignee said...

Knitting gives me the feels big time. I have to take an antacid before I work on lace. I keep reminding myself it's just a hobby and no one is going to die if it doesn't work out.

Judy S. said...

Maybe it's a poorly written pattern? Love that hat and plan to make one for somebody. Has fall come to Lake Geneva?

Mereknits said...

I like to think life is too short for teeny tiny needles. I LOVE trees, especially old ones with character.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

When knitting misbehaves it can be very frustrating so me thinks you're not alone with your emotions. ;-)

Stefanie Ng said...

It's okay; you got really excited about this good-looking pattern and having unexpected challenges does damper the mojo. It happens. I assume you put it in timeout yeah? It's good you're knitting something happy. Shoot, I thought this post was about you being sad because you had to chop down that tree.

Tired Teacher said...

Why waste your time trying to complete something that you don't love or is just not working. I'm the same even with books: it it doesn't grab me by the first four chapters, I find a different book.

Your tree is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it .............knit something you LOVE! Knitting is fun!

I love old trees too. The bark is so interesting!

Katherine said...

I'm thinking you are brilliant and brave to quit the teeny-tiny cables. Knit what you love. The Capucine hat is a truly worthy knit!! I say go for it. I can't wait to see your woods take shape.

Teresa Kasner said...

Good for you to unknit something you weren't thrilled with.. bravo on cleaning up your forest! So.. what kind of tree is the big old one? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

karen said...

sounds like the perfect decision! The smallest needle I make mitts and socks with is a US 2. That seems just perfect for my tension and my yarns that I usually buy.

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