Saturday, September 10, 2016

What I Learned This Week

 Judy sent me a welcoming dishcloth.  Love it Judy! 
Magic number is 7!

Here are some neat things I learned this week:

*Dawn dish soap 50% and Warmed vinegar 50% clean the shower door water spots off easily. 

*Knitpicks gets an unfavorable review from me this week. 
I caught a billing /order error and who knows when they would have.  In short, I'll spend my dollars elsewhere. 

*The name of my favorite evergreen here is a Concolor Fir. 

*The neighbors pour gasoline on their fire pit to get it moving. 
I will not be alarmed.  I will not be alarmed.
I make it my personal quest to start a good fire with just one match. 

*Knitty is now asking for donations. Can't say I blame them.  They used to be my go to.  Now I just look at their patterns for fun.  Like Interweave, they speak to the fancy knitters most and they lose me.  I'm not fancy folks.  I knit and purl.

*I'm oh so grateful for Facebook. There I said it. 
I can see zach's beautiful photos of Chiapas there. 

*Favorite new quote of the week: 
Ghandi: "I Like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians. They are not very Christlike"  

One bite of hard chocolate is worth 10 marshmallows to me. 

A tray of cheese, salami and ritz crackers was gobbled up faster than anything else I've offered guests lately. 
Very Wisconsin! 

I need to go apple picking. Al comes on Tuesday...this won't be a problem. 
She and Fireman love apples.
We usually apple pick on Roshashonna because our kids got the day off, and apples are kind of a New Year thing for Jews.
And it is apple picking time and the orchards are less crowded on a "schoolday" .   The New Year is late this year says my dear friend Abby.  October for goodness sake.  Perfect time for Abby's brisket recipe ....

Learn anything new this week? 


Araignee said...

I learned that I am not smart enough for a smart phone. My new one has been at Verizon for three days and now it's going to be returned. I got locked out of it and no one can get back in. Nope. Not for me. Back it goes. Thank goodness I still have my old flip.

Betsy said...

You've had a lot of interesting things this week! Love the's one of my favorite "go to" patterns. Sorry about Knit Picks. I've had good luck with them so far but I'll remain vigilant. Thanks for the heads up! I agree about some of the patterns on the knitting sites. I like easy, peasy patterns. Have a lovely Saturday.

Katherine said...

I just learned from your blog post that Knitty is asking for donations. Ten minutes ago I downloaded the Threefer Shawl pattern and didn't notice the request for donations. Oops! I think I also just learned that I don't like to pay for patterns.

I'm crazy about Judy's dishcloth. My sweet swap partner sent me one like it and I also love it!

Delighted Hands said...

I love all your little postnotes....I tend to collect patterns and just use a lot of the same one in different yarns instead. It is fun to look. Agreed.

Caffeine Girl said...

I've learned that teaching high school is exhausting! I was hoping it might be less so in comparison with middle school, but I was wrong. Still, I don't regret the change. My new coworkers are just amazing.
We always went apple-picking when the kids were growing up, but I rarely do now. It makes me miss them!

Teresa Kasner said...

Sorry you had a difficulty with KnitPicks.. but it's still my go-to yarn place.. love the quality of their yarn. If I learned something new this week I've already forgotten what it was. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

It easy to find free patterns online, so I rarely purchase them anymore. I'll spend my money on yarn instead.

Today, I learned how to steek, and I loved it.

Enjoy your time with Al.

Stefanie Ng said...

Your new dishcloth made me smile as I was reminded of the beach. Hmmm...gasoline? Is that legal to do that? Sorry you had that boo boo on your bill with Knit Picks. I haven't ordered them for some time but that's just because I want to patronize local LYS's. I learned how to work a cash register for Book Fair this week and I've been getting the feel of our newly used 2013 Honda CR-V.

Vera said...

Love your new license plate! Sorry about JnitPicks, i"ve had no issues but will stay alert for sure. Our apple tree has a ton of apples this year but they are all much smaller than normal. It will be very labor intensive to make applesauce this year. I learned (again) how little tolerance I have for greedy, selfish people. Also love your quote.

Vera said...

KnitPicks...eyes are tired...

Mereknits said...

There is no place more beautiful then Wisconsin in the Autumn. I miss it, apple picking too.

karen said...

I will take all the marshmallows and the chocolate :) Hum, about the knitty. They do put out a great online mag but I rarely knit from them. lovely dishcloth!!

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