Friday, September 09, 2016

The DMV Experience in Dairyland

 This is the blue Ribbon crochet entry from the County fair.  I was with Fireman who was moving right along. Sorry for the less than great photo.  
This is my hat.  I'm loving it. !!!  More later.

So yesterday was our day at the Wisconsin DMV.  You have a few weeks to get your new license when you relocate.  

*A man went up to the counter and the clerk said, 'I'm sorry sir.  Silver is not a hair color.  What color would you like your hair to be?' Little bit of denial there.....I dont know why but I love grey hair.  

*My new plates are ridiculously easy to remember.  My clerk said if I ever wanted to sell Honda Rhonda to let her know. (Chris has a nephew who loves old stick shift Honda civics) I told her we would likely run her to the ground. 

*The very fact that people speak and make eye contact at the DMV is amazing to me.  My entire life I was treated just as curtly as everyone else at Illinois Cook County DMV. 

*Now I am free of the nagging worry that I will be called to jury duty at 26th and California.  No one, in their right mind, wants that jury duty.  The neighbor hood is very sad and sketchy.  It is the criminal courts building.  I can finally get my mail without that scary surprise coming to me. 

*Finally, I told the truth about my weight on the form.  I'm about to lose a landmark pound any time now.  

I forgot my knitting.  What?  That's how distracted I can get.  What better place to knit while you wait than at the DMV.  I did the next best thing, I read your blogs. :)


Tired Teacher said...

My jury term is about to expire - I wasn't called to report for the City court. The District court has been busy, but not City. Years ago, I served at one trial, and it was interesting.

Love the hat and how the yarns are playing together.

Betsy said...

So glad your DMV experience was a good one. That's rare. I think silver should be allowed if that's the color he wants. Ha! I was only called to jury duty once for a federal court murder trial. My then boss wrote a letter to say I couldn't be away from work for that long or they would have to replace me and they released me from serving. I've never been called again. Love your hat!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Our "DMVs" here are called Service Ontario Centres and they do everything from cars to our provincial health insurance so they can get CRAZY busy. We live in the "big" city, but both Dave and I plan our stickers, license renewals, etc, for when we are going out to Mom's. She's in a small town and her local Service Centre is much more friendly, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less busy than our city one. We are usually in and out in 10-20 minutes.
Anything I have to do in one of the big city government centres (like Passport Canada) I do first thing as soon as they open. I may have to get up early, but it saves a lot of time waiting.

Vera said...

So many good things Kathy! Love, love, love the way your hat looks. Can't wait to see the finished product. I've been called to jury duty so many times, I forget how many. The way our system works you have to either go on line or call the night before and you will find out if you have to far I've never had to go!

Araignee said...

What? Gray not a color? I've been waiting for my gray for years. I can't wait. I think it's gorgeous.
I know just what you mean about that jury duty thing. When I lived in town it was terrifying to think you might get called. My sister did a 3 week sequestered murder trial. It was horrifying for her. I live in the sticks now and when I get the notification, I never even make the list to have to go in.

Teresa Kasner said...

Blue Ribbon on that? You should put something in next year. Glad you had an easy time at DMV.. is the license plate pretty there? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Stefanie said...

It is always crazy at the DMV even in the burbs. Did you have to make an appointment? Ppl who don't are told they have to wait at least three to four hours. I went in August to update my Driver's License and take a new pic. I made sure to wear a nice sundress and made sure my hair was on spot as well as the make up. Now it seems your picture is more up close so you can't see my shoulders. But yeah, there are actually some nice employees there.

Judy S. said...

So, did you have to take a road test? In the years we moved around, CO was the only place that didn't make you retest. The very first time I took my driver's test, the guy failed me, and then some years later when I was student teaching, I had his child in my class; weird, eh? After we moved here, I told DH, no more moves if it requires a driving test! In CA years ago you used to have to retake the written test every time you renewed your license, but don't know what they do now. Here the driving schools seem to have taken over the written tests. Love the hat! GREAT color!

Katherine said...

I love the hat! That was a happy choice. No knitting at the DMV? I can't remember the last time I was at the DMV without knitting. There is always a l-o-o-o-o-n-g wait here and my dear husband dozes off. I used to get embarrassed by it but now I just ignore his snoring.

Delighted Hands said...

So nice to hear of a good experience; they are pretty rare!
Nice to be a legal resident, isn't it?! lol

Lilea said...

Surprisingly, our local DMV has become very helpful and friendly over the last years, but our Post Office has gone the opposite way!

Like you, it's not being called for jury duty that I fear so much as which location I might be called for! We have several with varying degrees of scariness!

Mereknits said...

I had to get Little Buddy an ID at the DMV for his handicap parking sign and they were so lovely with us. He of course stole the show and was hysterical getting his photo taken.

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