Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 Oh Candy corn I love thee
My hat is nearing the crown decreases.  I'm loving this pattern. 

*Smile because
The Cubs Magic number is 3

we live in a world where coffee is at our fingertips

those who suffer from the heat have made it through this year

my girl is on a plane on her way to visit

the xray showed I've broken my tailbone, but I'm half way through the worst of it.  Ouch. 

blogs. Yours.  

the colors of fall are at our door and you are  going to see some glorious colors from my new yard. 

Judy is coming to visit me Monday.

add your because! I'd love you to


Anonymous said...


This is such a happy post.


JUDY is coming to visit you!!!! (You lucky girl!)


Even though it is hotter than Hades today, I know cooler weather is not too far off!

Vera said...


This IS a Happy Post


I do love candy corn...but I shouldn't...but I do


It was a little chilly on the patio this morning for coffee


My yoga class last night had only one other person in it - almost a private lesson!!

Katherine said...

I'm smiling because Al is coming to see you and my oldest son and wife are on the way to see me!! What a week this will be! AND Judy? My Judy or a different Judy? Yes, the summer heat has left Texas and we are feeling truly blessed with 75 to 80 degrees. All reasons to smile.

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm happy for you that your daughter is on her way to visit. I'm happy because the fallish sunshine is streaming in my house. Have fun with your girl and your friend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Summer said...

Happy Tuesday! Your hat is looking cute ♥


Caffeine Girl said...

I'm so happy that your girl is coming to visit. And that you a through the worst of a broken tailbone.
Candy corn is not allowed in my house. The minute it gets through the door it jumps into my mouth!

Jane said...

Smile because it rained and temps fell to the high 50's so I made soup.

Araignee said...

Because I have AC and it is still hot as you know what here.
Because the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest is in two weeks.

karen said...

so happy your daughter is coming for a visit and that you are through the worst of your tailbone mishap :)

Delighted Hands said...

Because I am owned by a God who cares when bad things happen.
Because I have a wonderful family and support when things get tough.
Because boy wonder is here again to have a refuge from a mental health suffering mom.
Because I have an adventure planned for the next few days.
Because I knit and have knitting friends!

Mereknits said...

Have fun with beautiful Al and Judy too!

Janet said...

I want candy corn now! :) Enjoy your visits with family and friends.

Stefanie Ng said...

AIYA! On the broken tailbone. But I'm smiling because you're happy and because I'm going to throw one heck of a party this Saturday!

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