Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fun TImes with Al

 Do you like green eggs and ham?
We will try them oh yes ma'am.
The knit shop also sells green eggs,
and is a wonderfully warm place in general. 
Doreen, the owner,  has written and published several books. 
I am going to offer them as a prize soon.
 So Needles and Pins is the yarn shop near me. 
Al bought the pattern for Cruces cowl there. 
I bought some koigu for her and a hat book for me. 
Fireman was outside petting the dog when Doreen's husband started chatting to him.

Gordon is her husband and he generously gave us wood for a headboard that I want Fireman to make. 
Cherry wood. Perfect wood.  He doesn't even know us and he said, sure you can take that just come back and buy more yarn. 
(Clearly he doesnt know me. I was coming back no matter!) 
Then we came home and played and laughed hysterically. 
We unwrapped my wedding dress for fun, not because there is a wedding.  We laughed till we hurt. Why On earth did I ever think that dress was lovely?  Oh my.  
Say NO to that 80s dress.  

Did I mention we are having fun? 


Vera said...

I love that you can be so silly! I got rid of my wedding dress a few years ago (no one to pass it on to...and who would want it anyway?) Sounds like a great yarn shop and free wood for a headboard? Awesome! Hope Al is sticking around for a little while longer.

Araignee said...

That cowl is to DIE for!!!!
That photo is too funny. It reminds me of when Daughter was getting married and I got to play with her fancy things. I never had a real wedding gown. It wasn't cool in the 60's.

Tired Teacher said...

Love Al's new cowl pattern!

Most wedding dresses become dated quickly. It seems most now gown are strapless and lace up the back - will they become classics?

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having such a good time with Al's visit. She looks beautiful in your veil. But, then she looks lovely ALL the time!

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm glad you're having such a good time with your gorgeous daughter. Sounds like a wonderful knit shop. And new friends, to boot! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Precious daughter and yarn-perfect.

Summer said...

Glad you are having so much fun ♥

Katherine said...

I love the hat and veil on Al. My daughter says the same thing about her wedding dress. She still loves it but says it is so dated. You lucked into a fabulous yarn shop. Lucky lady!

elns said...

I'm glad you guys are having such a good time and laughing. All of the 80s, eegads. I think we are all still reeling from the style. I love the cowl pattern. I'd love to do something like that ... some day. :)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Looks like you're really enjoying your new place! So happy for you!

KSD said...

I got married in the 80s, too, but went with a skirt and blouse. Thankfully!

Mereknits said...

I wore a fancy suit with shoulder pads, believe me when I tell you no shoulder pads are needed on this body!

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