Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Allison's Amalia Shell and Opinions

This is Amalia, a Quince and Co pattern and yarn. 
I gave Al the linen yarn for her February birthday. 
She picked the pattern. 

She used 6 skeins of Quince and Co 100% linen. 

The pattern was "Well written" and "no there were no charts" 

You knit 8 pieces and you have to block the pieces before you put them together.  

Whose daughter is this?

She blocked it 3 times. 

Her thoughts:

"I hate linen, I'll never use anything but animal fibers again."

"I did like the color" 

She used size 3s for the body and size 1s for the panel

"I hated the panels. It took me forever to make gauge"

Whose daughter is this? 

I did not adopt her. 

So it is Genetically possible to have an offspring that far exceeds your limited knits and purls capabilities. 

Oh wait, she's mine ! 
Look at the cat woman! 
Fezzik is grooming her hair. 


Anonymous said...

Alison's top is exquisite! It looks beautiful on her. Quince & Co has the BEST patterns. I think I love them all!!!

That Fezzik! He is too, too cute. Alison is going to get her exercise holding him!

Vera said...

Amalia is gorgeous! Alison did a fabulous job and I love the color (it would probably look horrible on me - both the color and pattern - lol). The last pic of Alison and Fezzik is wonderful - he is a hoot!! Enjoy her visit Kathy!!

Katherine said...

Al gets more and more beautiful!! I love her top. She did a masterful job of knitting on it! So cute that Fezzik the super cat is grooming her "fur." Have a great week with your baby.

Araignee said...

I say the same thing about Daughter. How did I have such a tall, thin, graceful creature? You should see her on the ice.

Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful girl in a beautiful hand-knit top, handsome man, and a feisty kitty - all yours Kathyb, all yours.

Enjoy your family time.

Teresa Kasner said...

What a gorgeous and talented daughter you have! I can see how proud of her you are. Bravo on raising such a fine young woman! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

That is a beautiful top and an absolutely gorgeous young woman! She did a fantastic job and I feel the same way about linen. It's pretty but I don't like to knit with it. Fezzik. I think that guy is adorable. And I want him. Ha!

KSD said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous top. Stunning.

And, I know what you mean about looking at your child and thinking, "Are you really mine?" When I taught Hannah to knit, the first thing she made was a stuffed animal. Using circulars.

Caffeine Girl said...

Al's sweater is drop-dead gorgeous -- matches the girl herself. I'm sure you are in heaven having her around!

Mereknits said...

Of course she is your daughter, she is adorable just like you!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the pic with Fezzik. And I agree with her - linen is no fun. Not great to knit with, AND it doesn't hold it's shape. Good for shawls and not much else in my opinion

Delighted Hands said...

What a beautiful post! Every generation should be better than the one before...nice thought.

Heather Welter said...

Love the top, love allison, love the cat and love you! Hope you all are enjoying your visit! xoxo

karen said...

beautiful sweater and I'm not a huge fan of linen either!

Stefanie Ng said...

Gorgeous daughter here. Despite the trouble, her new top looks terrific. I like the bottom and how it's like flower petals. LOVED her commentary.

elns said...

I read 8 pieces and started to feel faint and dizzy. But how much do I LOVE that photo of Al wearing the Fez? Fantastic!

zach said...

grooming her hair or attacking her head because he doesn't like being worn like a scarf?!
I have never seen fez bite before! poor kitty is getting the fiona treatment

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