Friday, August 19, 2016


 I'm was still in the dishcloth swing of things.
This is Lion Brand Cotton Ease 
50% cotton
50% acrylic.
So it won't shrink. 

I just got this Lion Brand from Etsy's site: 3c's Twisted Stitchers.
All their profits go to fight cancer and assist local charities! 

Good news: love the yellow
Bad news: even with the acrylic there is next to no give and my hands hurt.  
Yesterday we were in Evanston and I have always loved the old Lighthouse on Sheridan Road.  For years I threatened my children with a tour.   We never got to it. 
Working so many Sundays made the tour availability really slim. Also there are crazy temperature constraints for tours. If the temp is above something like, 80 degrees, the tour is cancelled. 
I can still love it.  And Waterlogue, you rocked the painting. 

Moving update:
There is none! 
We are waiting for stuff. 
The waiting is making me less sentimental about moving from here .  I LOVE this old house. It screams character.  I brought my babies home to this house.  Our family came to life here. 
Love my porch and radiators. 
Love the windows. Even the ones we replaced are true divided light. No panel bars for us.  They cost but they look awesome.
So many events at our big old Irish dining room table.
Rosalyn died in our arms here, our cat. 
Magen (cat) 
 died in our house here too. 
Beatles was born here. 
Zach threw his shoes at his door when he had tantrums here.
Allison took naps on the radiator. (clarification, only as an adult did she nap) 
Fireman drove the engine past the house and beeped for his kids to know he loved them more than the firetruck.
Fireman and kids tent camped in the yard.
Huck. Lived. Here.

But the pull to move on is greater than the roots to stay. 

I hope to have good news and it all wrapped up soon. 

Swappers, you have 12 days left to get your packages to your partner.  Enjoy  it. 


Tired Teacher said...

Can you imagine the memories your house holds from other families that lived in it? Part of its character is from the people who lived in it. Your memories are unique and special: the house will reflect that to the next family.

My swap package was mailed yesterday.

Vera said...

Fun to read about your memories. Soon you will be adding memories to a new place - exciting! I hope to get my swap done this hands (and knuckle joints) hurt too! Tried to finish up last night and I could not do one more stitch.

kathy b said...

Great point Nancy. I forget that we aren't the first owners of this hundred year old house! 101 actually. If these walls could talk!

Kim in Oregon said...

Wait a second--there's a lighthouse on Sheridan Road? It must be pretty far North in Evanston, yes? Is it near the Bahai temple?

kathy b said...

Kim Yes it is just south of Bahai temple. :) Good memory
Sheridan and Central. Central ends there

Katherine said...

My swap cloths are having ends woven in today and goodies will be added before I send them off--probably on Monday. Judy is ahead of me. I got a wonderful package from her yesterday.

I enjoyed reading your memories of the house and when you got to the part about Huck the tears started. We have had three dogs while living in our house but it will always and forever be Macy's house!

I love the lighthouse. I have pictures I took of it. The watercolor is beautiful!

Suburban prep said...

When in grade school my school went on a field trip to that Light House. I remember it to this day.

Caffeine Girl said...

I hope the move goes smoothly! I'm excited that you are moving closer to me!

Stefanie Ng said...

I missed it but are you moving to be closer to your family &/or downsizing? Getting a dishcloth done is satisfying especially after knitting so many big stockings. I had fun reading your memories.

Araignee said...

Awww.....when I left the house where I raised the kids I cried for a month. I cried all the way here in the moving van. I left the door where I marked the kid's growth and the deck they built for me for Mother's Day. Sigh....moving is hard.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ............I cannot get out of THIS house fast enough. Even though we have NO idea where we will end up.

But, I totally understand the memories in your home mean a lot to you.

Stephen has moved on (he's in D.C. area) and now it is time for us to do the same.

That lighthouse painting is beautiful. Did you buy it?

Judy S. said...

You're right, Nancy made a great point. We've lived in our house almost 40 years, longer than anywhere else in my life, and I can't imagine leaving here. I love the area where you are moving and know you'll enjoy life as a Wisconsinite! Are you a Packer fan yet? Have you read One Thousand White Women? I think you'd like it.

Delighted Hands said...

See what I is so hard to move even when want to, even when it is your choice to go, even when you get excited about the new the old grabs you. It is like the first time after a serious loss of a loved one when you laugh and then feel guilty for it.
yeah, it's hard.
Grieve and then pick your head up and head into the next chapter of good memories; your book isn't finished yet!

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