Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Hero Fu, The Sturgeon Moon, and Yawn, another Christmas Stocking

 Sometimes the most difficult part of writing a post for me is giving it a title.  
You must think, what in the world is she talking about today? 

I'm feeling the need to be all organized, so 

#1. This is last night's Sturgeon moon. 
These are the best two shots out of ohhhhh probably 50. 
(I'm shaky .  I have to balance the camera without a tripod and not breathe to take the pictures. )
So because I live on Lake Michigan's shores, I'll tell you the Native American's caught the most Sturgeon in the Great Lakes during this time. 
I'm all Native American talk because Al's in Oklahoma City and she's learning so much there about this beautiful culture. 
Chicago has/had  Potawatomi Indians. 
Indians of the Plains wore hand knitted sweaters.
I also loved the book, about Curtis ( Dark Night of the Shadow Catcher was one of my reads this year. ) and his extensive photographs of the Beautiful Native American people. 
Judy read it and loved it too. 
Which shot do you prefer? 
I like the one below. 
 #2. Christmas stocking, number 5.  Stockings 2 and 3 were mailed to darling niece Nora in Scottsdale on Monday.  Nora is living out on her own now.  You start your own Holiday things going.  Mamma doesn't give it all away.   Mostly because a lot of it is broken after 21 years of parenting, cats in trees and a little too much hooch during the tree trimming.  
#3 We haven't moved yet.   You guys are so cute about it.  Thanks for caring.  Living in boxes is okay with me.   I have 3 plates to wash.  I'm a good camper.  The only time I feel panic is when I cannot find the needles or yarn I need.  

#4 Chinese swimmer darling Fu, told the world she had cramps during her Olympic swim.  She didnt' whine about it.  She just was doubled over in pain, (memories, horrible memories) and a reporter asked if she was ok. She said she was having painful cramps.  Period.  Pun intended.   She said it was not an excuse, she had not swam her best.  Certainly she has had to swim while her uterus screamed out to her before.  

I was one of those sufferers.  My mom was the best mom. She'd come pick me up from high school and let me go to bed for the day.  She knew the pain.  I had a sister who never had a cramp. 

Fu, you are my hero.  The world really has not cared if we have to be in severe pain once a month.  For a long time it hasnt' cared.  The great Mayan calendar was created by women who menstruated every 28 to 31 days.  Fu, you spoke the truth. 

Fu you are our voice .  Fu , If I could,  I'd send you an arsenal of zofran for the nausea two days before the cramps start, and I'd send you tyelnol #3 with codeine from all my  friends (who had wisdom tooth extraction and scoffed at the need for  Rx .) 
Cramps...thats pain.  We all squirreled the Drugs away for the cramps that would knock us over otherwise. 
I'd send you a knitted hot water bottle cover in your favorite colors.  And I 'd rewrite the schedule for your swims so you always swam mid cycle .....when you feel fantastic.  


Anonymous said...

I liked the one below too .....the branch in there gives it a bit of a spooky, Halloween look.

Nora will just love her stockings! They are adorable!

Kim in Oregon said...

Can I just say, for so many reasons, this is the best post ever.

kathy b said...

awww Kim THANKS!!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like the first moon picture the best.
Here in Southern Ontario are native tribes are Iroquois, Algonquian, Huron, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca. And their culture is so much a part of our culture that a lot of us don't even realize it any more - so many place names are native names around here. There is also a First Nations reservation just outside our city, so it's been a part of our upbringing - and it really is a beautiful culture.

Flo said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :) I think Fu is so fantastic, too. She is so real and so funny, a great role model for girls everywhere!

Tired Teacher said...

Biology happens, and I love that Fu told it like it was. Kudos, Fu

The first shot is my favorite of the two.

It's fun to imagine all te stockings you've made being stuffed with gifts.

Katherine said...

The first moon photo is my favorite. Bless little Fu! I love her! She speaks for women through the ages who have suffered that terrible pain. I used to be unable to eat because of the pain, but I would throw-up anyway. Later in life, I would stash away drugs for my girls but they were only bothered by real pain occasionally. I'm glad to know others share that horrible memory with me.

Delighted Hands said...

I like the first pic with just a few leaves showing.
I was ruled by every step of my cycle, long periods, painful mid-cycle, pms...then repeat pattern until menopause; not my favorite pattern, I will tell you!
I'm surprised that Fu's coach didn't arrange to have her take hormones to post-pone her cycle for the month. I realize she couldn't take drugs to give her relief, of course.
I love your kind plans for her; we know you are a nuturer and a good one at that!

Vera said...

Love both pics but I guess the first one the best simply because it is closer. Love the branches in front of both pictures. Those stockings will be just fun to fill! I haven't been watching the Games, but I did hear about Fu and bravo to her!

Stefanie said...

The one you like is the best photo of the moon. I have a hard time sometimes coming up with a post title also.

Caffeine Girl said...

I loved that book, too. I bet Al is learning lots about Native American culture. I really noticed that in Canada, First Peoples culture is included a lot more in the general culture. We could learn a few things from those Canadians!

Araignee said...

Oh, yes... the pain. I remember it well. We had to pretend it didn't exist and go on like normal. Men would never do that. They would be in bed for a week. Darvon is what we took. It knocked you out but good. Fu is my hero too. I was just telling The Mister all about it. He didn't get it.

karen said...

you are cranking out those stockings like there is no tomorrow! I like them all because of their individuality :) I hate to confess but I never really suffered from cramps (I'm ducking my head and thanking my lucky stars).

Betsy said...

Like the second picture the best. I laughed out loud at this post. I haven't seen Fu at all or heard this story...but your words are oh so true. In fact, I had to have a hysterectomy at 29 years old because of endemetrial pain. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm so grateful I had my children young. The pain. And I had to go to work everyday and pretend all was fine. Until I actually kept passing out from the pain. You tell it like it is sister and I thank you!

Judy S. said...

Great post, Kathy! I love both of your moon photos. After you move, you'll have to check out Sturgeon Bay if you haven't already done so. When a friend told me about Midol (can you even get it now?), that was a huge blessing. It's great that periods can be discussed now; we've come a long way, thanks to women like Fu.

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