Monday, August 08, 2016

Monday Q and A

Wow.  We have 14 dishcloth swappers. Instructions tomorrow and pairings. :) 

On with Q and A:

*Ice cubes or fake cubes?
(Fake for me.  No watering down my diet coke in summer) 

*Shawls or Stole? 
(Stole.  I don't like shawls that come to a point and put a big arrow to my behind) 

Campfire or fireplace fire
(campfire by an eyelash) 

Blanket: fringe or border?
(Border, please)

*Rowdy Gaines or Phil Liggett?
(Swim announcer or cycling)
Rowdy all the way. 

*Suet or Seed?
(Suet.  Seed is a mess with our birds)

*Mt. Rushmore or Statue of Liberty?
(Mt. Rushmore) 

*Beret pattern or headband?
(Love a beret but they look silly on me.  So headband) 

*USPS or Fed Ex?
(USPS has always been good to me and my packages)

*Knit on a screen porch or knit on a beach?
(You know my answer!)


Yarn Miracle said...

YAY a swap! I was thinking about swaps the other day - I'll be watching!

Katherine said...

I'm checking out patterns and yarn for the swap now! Love, love, love your Monday quiz.
1. I'm afraid of all things plastic so I opt for real ice cubes.
2. Stole for me because I like to wrap up in it like a blanket.
3. Fireplace! At least I know the critters who show up in front of my fireplace!
4. Border. I tend to play with fringe so it starts looking ratty.
5. Rowdy for sure.
6. We have both suet and seed in our feeders. The Blue Jays love the suet.
7. Lady Liberty always brings a tear to my eyes.
8. Beret! I need to cover the whole head.
9. Fed Ex never lets me down and USPS fails more times than they succeed.
10. I love the screened porch, or in our case the patio. I don't hang out on beaches. Even though the head is gray, the skin still belongs to a redhead.

Gracie Saylor said...

1. real ice cubes
2. stole for the same reason as you
3. fireplace
4. border
5. ?
7. Statue of Liberty
8. Beret...I haven't had one since childhood
9.USPS but grateful for other
10. beach!!!

Am eager to see the results of the move :) xx

Anonymous said...

Answers are on my blog.

Stacey Schneller said...

My answers for this week. Great fun questions. Thanks. Have a great week.

Stefanie Ng said...

1. Ice
2. I guess stole since it's like a scarf.
3. Campfire is so much more fun.
4. Either or.
5. I guess Rowdy since when we had cable, I would watch the swimming events.
6. Never had a bird feeder but I've pictured seeds in it.
7. Mount Rushmore
8. Headband since I chopped off my hair.
9. Fed Ex.
10. Hmmm, I do love the beach but haven't really knitted at one so I guess I'm going to have to go with screen porch.

Araignee said...

1. Ice is nice!
2. Stole. Better for snuggling in.
3. Fireplace. Too many bugs out there.
4. Border. Fringe is just annoying.
5. I heart Phil.
6. Seeds. I have a parrot. I have seeds everywhere all the time.
7. Would love to see Mt. Rushmore but the S of L gives me the feels.
8. Headband because of the big messy bun thing I always have going on.
9. The Mister was a letter carrier for 37 years. USPS all the way. Although my UPS guy is my hero. He carries all those heavy soap supply boxes all the way down my long driveway.
10. PORCH!!! Who on earth could knit on a beach? I can knit on the boardwalk on a bench but not out in the sand.

Vera said...

1. Don't really like cold drinks (except the frozen margarita), but real ice for sure.
2. Shawls
3. Oh both! We've been enjoying our fire pit this summer. I miss having a fireplace - love them in the winter.
4. Border.
5. Now watching this year...can't get into oit.
6. Both all winter long.
7. Mt. Rushmore (love the West).
8. I think a beret would be fun, but I should try a knit headband since all the store bought ones hurt my head.
9. USPS and UPS
10. Porch for sure! I stay away from the beach these days...don't like the heat and have to stay out of the sun anyway.

Mrs. Micawber said...

1. Ice. The plastic ones just don't have the right mouth-feel.
2. Tie. Shawls can always be arranged becomingly off-center, which makes you look effortlessly artistic. Especially if you use a hand-crafted shawl pin. But stoles are nice too.
3. Campfire only if I can sit upwind. Otherwise the smoke makes me cough.
4. Border, absolutely!
5. Phil. (Please. Need you ask? I dread the day of his retirement. The TdF will never be the same when he goes.)
6. Ashamed to say I don't feed birds so have no experience on this.
7. Never seen either, but plan to see Mt. Rushmore next month on our way to Bike MS Washington. :)
8. Dang - love them both. Headbands get more use though.
9. USPS for price but FedEx for reliability.
10. Screen porch! Beaches are for SWIMMING. Besides, who wants sand in their yarn? :)

Betsy said...

1. Ice
2. I like both. I make both for the nursing home and the ladies seem to like the shawls better.
3. Both. I love campfires in the summer and the wood stove or fireplace in the winter.
4. Border always.
6. Birdseed. Although it does make a mess.
7. I've been to Mt. Rushmore many, many times and never get tired of the view or the very moving show in the amphitheater.
8. Headbands-berets look ridiculous on me although I love them on other people.
9. USPS has done a great job for me.
10. Porch. I love to sit on our deck and knit.


Delighted Hands said...

1 real is for me!
2 Shawls! I don't like the point too much so I wear them sideways or knit crescent shaped ones!
3 Each in their season!
4 borders for me!
5 ? Dip or Doodle?
6 Both suet and seed
7 Mt Rushmore
8 I like to knit a beret but can't wear one-but can't wear headband either but knitting is knitting so I would make either!!!! lol
9 I love my UPS guy but couldn't live without USPS either!
10 I love to knit anywhere but while I knit more in my screened pool area I love to knit on the beach when we go!!!

elns said...

I have really enjoyed all the lists! I love your Mondays Kathy, they always bring a smile.
Here are mine!
*Ice cubes or fake cubes? (Fake for me. No watering down my diet coke in summer)

*Shawls or Stole? (Stole. I don't like shawls that come to a point and put a big arrow to my behind)

* Campfire or fireplace fire? Campfire!
* Blanket: fringe or border? Border all day, everyday
*Rowdy Gaines or Phil Liggett? I'm going with Phil on this one, and he irritates me too.
*Suet or Seed? Seed from when I was a child.
*Mt. Rushmore or Statue of Liberty? Tough. I have passed by the Lady Liberty on a boat but have yet to see Mt. Rushmore, which I've always wanted to do ... Mt. Rushmore after analysis ha!
*Beret pattern or headband? Beret, what? I have a French last name!
*USPS or Fed Ex? USPS
*Knit on a screen porch or knit on a beach? Beach, but I do love a good porch knit. We just don't get much of chance for either :(

elns said...

Oh I missed the first 2.

REAL ice cubes sorry Kathy, but you're wrong about this one ;)
Usually a stole. but really I am friendly with both if large enough.

Sue said...

I'm really late, but here goes..
1. Neither, I'll take my drink straight
2. No preference
3. Fireplace
4. Both
5. I like winter games much more than summer, but then I like winter more than summer
6. Seed draws more birds and suet can be messy in the summer
7. Statue of Liberty
8. Beret
9. I'm lucky, we have great drivers on both, but Chewy boxes come on FedEx, so the dogs prefer them
10. I'd rather be on a beach but I don't knit on a beach. Sand!!! Knitting is for the porch

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