Friday, August 05, 2016

Inspiration in the form of Dishcloths!

 Betsy Q. sent me some lovely new dishcloths.
What is it about dishcloths that makes knitting and crocheting so fun?  
I totally want to do a dish cloth swap.
Because that's what you need to do after you move. 
Get involved in something familiar.  Look what you've done Betsy.....thank you!

So ladies, let's have a vote. 
Anyone up for a dishcloth swap end of August? 
Our family had a cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Packing it up here, I found a sketch our neighbor did of the CABIN. 
Why didn't I hang this up here, at this house? 
Probably because when my father sold the cabin, this family mourned for it.  We really did. As if it had breath and life itself, which it honestly did.  
It also had bats and bears and tics but none of that mattered.
It was our haven.  Our go to.  Our Fun. 
It is so good to see it again. 

How are YOU?
Are you sweltering?
Are you up for a swap before Labor day?


Vera said...

I'm in! Happy weekend Kathy. Love that sketch of your cabin.

Grace said...

yes let us swap!

Judy S. said...

Fun idea! Have you ever tried the Almost Lost dishcloth pattern? It's a good one. Still cool here, but then folks here start to whine when it hits 80.

Katherine said...

I'm in for the swap! I have been thinking that I needed the peace and calm that only comes with knitting a dishcloth. It will be great fun to share your new home in that small way! The sketch of the cabin is lovely and deserves a special place in your new home.

Sweltering? More roasting in our own juices!

Breathing Life said...

I love the drawing of your cabin. I think it should be hung and all the memories will hang with it.

Not up for a swap at this time - but I am glad I found your blog and I will keep visiting it.

Tired Teacher said...

Sure I'm up for a swap!

The cabin drawing is lovely - please hang it proudly in your new home.

Karen51 said...

I would like to be included, haven't done a swap of any kind. We have a cottage in northern Wisconsin. I hope our sons and their families have memories of this place like you do the one your family had. It's a beautiful day up north today. The humidity is gone!!

Teresa Kasner said...

I may have to pass on the swap.. been there.. done that.. sent my swap but didn't receive back.. :-(

Plus, I like to make my own dishcloths.. lol! I am glad you found the cabin drawing.. hope you hang it up at the next house.

Don't work too hard moving! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

I'm in too! I don't make fancy ones but they work just fine.

Delighted Hands said...

I would love to do the swap with you!
The cabin drawing is superb and full of all the wonderful memories!
It will go with wherever you live-it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

What a neat photo to find!!!

I would be up for a swap! :-)

Stefanie Ng said...

As much as I would love to, I can't. Christmas looms over me like a shadow with its hands on its hips.

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