Tuesday, August 09, 2016

All Over the Place Post

Al's Olympic sweater . You make the sleeves first then the body. 
The Pattern is Vitamin D by  an indy designer on Ravelry.

Yesterday I had my pay it back day.
The woman next to me in the parking lot couldn't start her car. 
I had jumper cables. 
What goes around sure comes around.

Of course I would have helped her even if Zach had not just been helped in Chicago on Fathers day weekend. 
Still, I love serendipity, don't you?

I'm completely into the Olympics.
They have actually shown Equestrian this year! 
I've seen the safety vests some of the riders wear to protect themselves in a horse roll accident. 

I saw a poor sick little Chinese girl on the uneven bars fall.
So much drive in these young people. 
If  I cleaned the bathroom sinks on time during my childhood  summers I considered myself driven. 

My father made us come up with these  lists of what we'd do around the house to help our mom all summer. 
The lists started the day after report cards. 
What' s the use of checking the sinks were cleaned , when 5 girls used one bathroom all day long? 
We had industrial cartons of tampons in our closet. 
No pretty pink playtex covers.  
You didn't want to be anywhere near that house every 28 days. 

OH Back to knitting! 
Back to another Christmas stocking. 


Anonymous said...

There were only two of us ---- but it was plenty of estrogen to go around. We got into some whopper sized fights.

Delighted Hands said...

I had a very idyllic childhood with my brother and me for 12 years and then my precious bonus baby sister came and I had a living doll to play with-fantastic! My parents had the knack of having us work without realizing it! All except for cleaning my room.......it was creative chaos! Now, I always have a clean house and put away my toys/tools when I am finished! My Mom is still amazed all these years later! lol

Tired Teacher said...

My sisters were older than me by 10 and 6 years. I'm sure I was a pesky little sister, and I do remember fights.

Al's sweater is looking good!

Katherine said...

I love Al's Olympic sweater. It looks so soft and sweet! I was an only child so I never had anyone to fight with, and I would have loved a good sister fight!
B-O-R-I-N-G! My saving grace was that I had a mother who was fun and funny, and enjoyed doing things with me.

Betsy said...

Love your sweater. I started a baby sweater last night...we have two new babies expected at church in the next couple of months. I saw a video of a young man on the gymnastic "horse" fall and break his leg. I feel so bad for these young people when they get hurt after years and years of training. I had two much older brothers and then 10 years later my sister and I came along. She picked on me something terrible but wouldn't let anyone else touch me! Sisters! Now we're great friends, something I never thought possible when we were growing up. And yes, I had lots of chores as a child too. And we had a wringer washer. Don't get me started on laundry day!!!

Vera said...

Al's sweater looks beautiful and so soft. I have 3 brothers and they used to torture me something fierce! I helped my Mom a lot when I was older, but as kids I think my Mom's goal (during the summer months at least) was to get us out of the house early so she could have peace and quiet to do what she wanted to do - lol.

Araignee said...

Hilarious! I am one of three sisters (no brothers) and I can totally relate. Poor Daddio never had a chance even though he tried. Poor guy.

Judy S. said...

I have only one sister, and we're close now, but growing up we had our share of squabbles. My poor dad was out numbered; even the pets which were supposed to be male weren't! That's an interesting sweater pattern.

Stefanie Ng said...

Al is brave to knit such a pattern. If I don't like the looks of the construction, I pass. My mum always made sure we had clean rooms. And I always helped her rake and sweep after the front and backyard were weeded. I always set the table and cleared it too.

AsKatKnits said...

That is a beautiful sweater! And, yes...lists? I agree.

karen said...

lovely sweater and what is up with having chores start the day after school? I should have expected more from my kids but I felt raising them that they are only kids once. (they had chores but not stressful ones).

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