Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chewy May Offerings Reviews by the Finicky Felines

Chewy's trial products this month yielded interesting results.  Thanks Sidney at Chewy and Readers, as you know  we are not paid for our opinions.  We do get to trial the products without charge.  It is a great program for bloggers with pets to share product successes and not so successfuls too.
If you want to join this program email Sydney
at svillegas@chewy.com  and join us! 

The NOW fresh fish market (grain free) dry kibble was not warmly received.  Only Fezzik tried it.  The others turned their adorable kitty noses right up in the air and walked away.  I tried giving it to them on different days and still.....they didnt want it. 
Fezzik ate a few bites now and again.  

We also tried  the Solid Gold Canned Cat food.  Everyone liked the fishy variety that they sent.  They preferred to lap up the gravy more than eat the fish.  I like them to stay well hydrated so I consider this a good review on the product.  

It doesn't mean much but the artist who drew the blue cat on the label did a most excellent job. Thank you Teresa for the photo you sent. It shows the artwork so well. 

I love this cat face and I cannot seem to get the image to enlarge for you too see.  

Someone of you was looking for something to model your socks on, like a mannequin head for hats.  Well at the pet shop I saw a rubber leg/foot in the dog chew section.
So go get that doggy toy and put your new knit socks on it!  


Delighted Hands said...

That would be too funny!

Araignee said...

Ha, ha....Pup does too much mischief to the socks around here as it is.

Betsy said...

No cats at our house but I had to tell you I laughed when I read about the rubber foot. :-). Too funny.

Judy S. said...

So behind here on blog reading. Sounds like you're busy, too. We've been spending a lot of time in the yard, and yesterday were at Catherine's with Stella who broke her collar bone on Sunday, poor babe.

Teresa Kasner said...

I found the cat can image on the net and cropped it and sent it to you if you want to replace these little pix with a big one. It really is a good drawing of a cat!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

kathy b said...

Thanks Teresa. Your image is now in the post and it is so much better.

Zachyourson said...

I love the image of the cat on the tuna can. I want to make a drawing like that, maybe of fezzik!

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