Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Posting Late Today

 I had a rush of a morning.  It started with my lap top not taking my password.
This led to screen sharing with a Phone rep who was very patient.
He was in Canada.
You know I've been on awhile when I start asking where they are talking to me from and how is their weather...
I do love Apple products for their free phone support. 
He fixed my issue and don't ask me how, but we are up and running. 

I ran out to meet a friend for coffee, which was on my calendar. 
I took the never ending sock leftover blanket. 
Oh, if this blanket could talk...
I've been taking it with me for over a year now and it has heard quite a bit! 
My funny friend Helen from Ireland says, 
"Silent night on that now" when she doesn't want to be repeated.
I think I've told you that before. 
She is a crack up. 

Then Fireman and I walked in the woods nearby and these flowers were blooming everywhere. I don't think they are trillium...are they?
The trees have not leafed out yet so the floor of the woods are awash in blooming tiny flowers.  Yellows, pinks, whites.   
Oh and I have been liking the construction of this hat for quite some time.  It is on my list for someday. 

That's all for today. 
I'm off to knit on my pretty purple pink socks. 

How's it going in your part of the world?


Kim in Oregon said...

I am stealing Helen's commentary right now.

Anonymous said...

It's been a CRAZY day around here trying to get things organized and cleaned up. :-(

Not the fun kind of stuff at all today. LOL

Araignee said...

I LOVE that hat!!! If I wasn't dying from the heat today I'd be digging through the stash right now.
I had to wrestle one of the feral outdoor kitties to the vets this morning for her rabies shot. NO FUN. I trapped her in the house last night and she screamed the whole time. All the other cats went nuts. It was terrible. I wish they would invent a rabies pill like they do heartworm meds. She is so traumatized now and so am I.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Computer problems are the worst. Glad you're up and running again.

Tired Teacher said...

My sister and I have been sewing for two days - such fun!

Teresa Kasner said...

Yes, those are trilliums! Nice! Fun hat.. I hope you make it. We're doing good.... only one more full day at the coast though.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

They are beautiful flowers I think you might be right about the name, I remember them from Door Co. Hugs to you Kathy,

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

This pattern reminds me of Capucine that I had tried to once make but I guess my gauge was totally off as it was coming out too small. Had to frog it.

Judy S. said...

Definitely a trillium. We have one in our yard! They're also called Wake Robins, I think. As the blossoms age they turn pink, or at least ours does. Love that fun hat!

Betsy said...

Glad you got your computer stuff worked out. I do like that hat too! I just started another leftover sock yarn blanket. I made one last summer while at the lake. It was light enough to work on, even in the heat. The one I started this week is made up of squares. It's been pretty popular in the knitting podcast community lately.

karen said...

so glad that you were able to solve your computer problems, or well, someone in canada did. I had a weird thing happen yesterday but I clicked something and then it went all better. Not sure what that was about but my son was on it before me....I'll blame him!!

AsKatKnits said...

The Trillium's are beautiful! And a pox on computer issues!

Katherine said...

I love that hat! I can envision easy on and off and less hair muss. I don't know Trillium from Bachelor Buttons but I know those flowers are precious and so cute. I am off my sock knitting right now. Truth be told, I am bored with a lot of the patterns and knit ideas I have right now. I need a spring knitting tonic!

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad your computer issues are sorted, so annoying when it doesn't work isn't it!

Delighted Hands said...

Yes, the flowers are Trillium...beautiful!
Glad you had a great gab with knitting friends!
The hat looks like a great knit!!!!

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