Saturday, April 16, 2016

More Tennessee Yarns

 So the Lady's at Loopyville were all the kind of ladies you'd want to sit right down and get knitting alongside them. 
This REFINED KNITS book is from a Knoxville Local knitter. 
It is a lovely book.  

I was after local dyed yarn and I nabbed a skein! Yes. 
They only had two left.  This is SheepyCurls Yarn. 
480 yards of superwash merino, angora and nylon.
Guess what?
It is NOT becoming socks. 
The lovely shop bag was a gift from the register lady.
She gave it to me as I had to wait a bit for her to figure out the price of the yarn. 
I get that happy feeling when I look at this yarn. 
You understand, I know you do.  
 A week with Al was pretty much non stop fun.
I know I showed you this top she knit last year, but I still love it.
Al says Tim Gunn would say it hits her waist at a bad spot.
I don't think her waist has a bad spot. 
It was a knitty pattern from about a year ago.
She used COBASI yarn that she and I both didn't really like as we knit with it. 

 I love Dolly. 
I had to have this coffee mug.
The back says,
"Find out who you are, and do it on purpose"

I'm going to do it again.
Here's Al's latest shawl and I'm so sorry I do not have the pattern name for it. 
She's told me many times. 
She didn't really want me to show it to you until she blocked it. 
The lace edge is a two row repeat.  

She's working 4 ....12's in a row so I'm not going to bug her.
I promise I'll get the details later if anyone really wants them. 
and I Tried Moonshine.
Hated it going down, but I liked the after shine....

Happy Saturday.


Araignee said...

I agree...Al doesn't have a bad spot on that little waist of hers. Sigh...
I'm really enjoying your vacation posts. I am in the mood for a road trip-now to get The Mister in the same frame of mind.

Katherine said...

No bad spots on that waist!! Al is so darn cute, and I love that top!

The colors on the non-sock yarn are beautiful, however, the bag looks like it would be a perfect sock bag. Are you sure that's not sock yarn?

I had to laugh about Al's hours because I think she and Bethany are synchronizing their schedules. Bethany has been working five 12's and two days off during ER reorganization. It is wearing her down (all of us) but it will be over in one more week.

Teresa Kasner said...

Your daughter is so gorgeous she could be a model! And to be such a talented knitter at her age.. wow.. she'll make amazing things her whole life.. and to think.. you are her role model! Bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

Al looks fabulous in that shawl, I think she is so beautiful.

KSD said...

I'm so glad you had a good time in Knoxville. If you like Dolly, you should make a trip to Dollywood!

I could have warned you about the 'shine. . . ;)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I agree moonshine is yukky and I do love that top!

Betsy said...

So beautiful! A bad spot on THAT waist? Not hardly. I should be that lucky. Gorgeous everything today. Love that new yarn too.

Tired Teacher said...

Moonshine? WaHoo, white lightning!

Who cares what Tim Gunn has to say: Al looks fabulous in her knit top.

Love your new yarn and bag. If it's not for socks, what is your plan for the pretty yarn?

Judy S. said...

Did the moonshine come in a jug? Sounds like you are having a GREAT time! You met one of our daughters, sure wish I could meet yours!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a GREAT time in Tennessee! :-)

Yes .... I have tried moonshine. We have a friend that makes his own. Steve liked the lemon-flavored moonshine. I liked the plain. But, boy it does have a burn going down and a kick once it gets there. LOL

Delighted Hands said...

Love the yarn and knitting-skip the moonshine-it would mess with my knitting! lol

Caffeine Girl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful week with Al. She is clearly a fabulous young woman and I'm sure you are bursting with pride -- as you should be!
Her sweater deserves a second look. It is so beautiful -- especially on her.
Souvenir yarn doesn't count as stash, does It?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the sock yarn you picked up!

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

Sorry, silly question here: Al is your daughter, yeah? She looks fabulous with her poncho on. It's fine. She is tall and slim and damn beautiful. I love how she's a knitter. I also like how you scored a project bag by a thoughtful yarn owner.

karen said...

I know where al gets the talent from! lovely work!! She is beautiful :)

kathy b said...

Not a silly question at all. Al is Allison my dear daughter. She is a nurse also. She is a trauma nurse and likes the ER pace.
She does adults and peds. She is a much better knitter than I.

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