Thursday, April 07, 2016

Long Post !! Set a Spell

*I frogged the first attempt with this sock yarn.  
Dee you inspired me to Get it Right. 
It was too loose on 1's.  
I don't have 00s do you?
I did the next best thing: I double the yarn.  
The repeats are frequent enough to be doubled AND get that fun stripey effect.  
These are going to be those shorty ped socks. 

*I've been listening to podcasts. 
The Fat Squirrel is so nutty! Pun intended.
She is a goof for sure ...and she chases the winter blues away. 
I'm not sure what she's on....but whatever it is, she's funny. 

*I listened to Yarnspinners Tales podcast  She was talking about a cable needle ring you wear on your finger . It is Leslie Wind's creation at  
Not sure I need it, but I do love the concept. 

*I'm reading a book called Bear in the Backseat. It is a Smoky Mountain Ranger's book of stories.  We are headed there to visit with Al soon.  I'm not looking for Bears that's for sure. 

*It is that time of year again. 
the Masters is on.  
Fireman is a very good golfer. 
He also loves to watch the sport on TV.
I like to watch him golf.
I try to golf.  I swat at that ball. 
We went to the driving range the other day and I wasn't 
leaving until I hit 3 good drives in a row.  Took awhile. 

So, I do not like to watch golf, at all,on TV. 
It makes me bonkers. 
Fireman and I created our own kind of Masters Bracket.
We each picked 5 golfers to win. 

I'll be plugging in my headphones and listening and watching podcasts. 
If the library would ever get my HOLD to me on Dr Pols Season 4 I'd be very appreciative.  

Thank God for knitting.  Seriously.  
(as if I needed an excuse!)

Do you watch the Masters? 


AsKatKnits said...

Golf - lol that is just great! I was on the golf team in high school, but I have not played for a few years (since hurting my shoulder). I rather enjoy watching the Masters - especially because it is usually gorgeous there and not so gorgeous out here.

And, yes... thank goodness for knitting, every. single. day!

Araignee said...

Hahahaha....The Mister is crazy for The Masters. He and SIL even have some kind of fantasy bet going on. He watches golf everyday-we even bought Baby Grand a little golf set for Easter and I broke one of the clubs already when I stepped on it.
I'm not a fan but it keeps him busy so I can do my own thing.

Teresa Kasner said...

Watching golf makes me insane too. Like you say, good thing I have other things to keep me occupied. My guy loves to watch history.. war in particular.. makes me NUTS. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Katherine said...

I should say that dear husband faithfully watches the Masters and I, because it is on, watch parts of it. Mostly I watch videos and knit. I'm hooked on Amazon's Mozart In The Jungle and dearly love BBC mysteries--all of them! I can knit while watching a video on my Kindle. I can do it with only a few backups for small errors. And big ones!

I love your shorty socks. Great colors!!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

The Gardener loves all sports....and I mean ALL he'll definitely be watching the Masters. I'll be off spinning at the museum. Although out of all those sports golf is about the only one I can tolerate.

Tired Teacher said...

I can't stand to watch ANY sport on TV; however, I love to sit in the stands and watch and pick up on the crowd's vibe at the actual game, match, etc.

Love the sock makeover. I have 00s in DPNs but not in circulars.

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

Fun socks; the colorway is like a cartoon tabby cat. We don't have cable here but if I had to watch the Masters, it'd be good knitting time for me. My dad is an avid golfer; he's getting back into the swing of things after not playing for a year - rotor cuff surgery and recovery.

Linda said...

I will be watching the Masters - in between the NASCAR races!

Linda in VA

Gracie Saylor said...

My youngest son likes to golf and watch the Masters, so I may watch some with him. My dad enjoyed playing golf, too, but I never got into the swing of it....literally :) Your stripy sock reminds me of the Cheshire Cat! xx

Delighted Hands said...

The socks will be nice and cushy! I love the colors! Yes, my guy loves the Masters, too, and I can bear only a bit if it is quiet. (He is a loud volume tv watcher!!)
I zone or listen to my own laptop so I am with him and he can talk to me even tho I have earbuds in......the things you do for love!

Dee said...

I do NOT watch the Masters, although I will say, the scenery around Augusta is just beautiful.

Steve is the golfer in our family. Me --- I can't get a smooth swing to save my life and people around me need to look out. You never know WHICH way my ball will zing!

Cute sockettes. I do not use 00 needles. I'm a fairly tight knitter I'm guessing. 1-1/2 needles are my go to.

Betsy said...

Love the socks. No I do NOT like golf at all. Thankfully neither does my dear husband. In fact, we rarely watch any sports and enjoy the same sort of television shows which is quite handy. Of course, I knit through it all. I've been loving podcasts and watching quite a few. I'll have to check on the two you mentioned today.

Amy at love made my home said...

Hope your knitting works out! xx

Mereknits said...

Watching golf on TV makes me want to take a nap. IT is beautiful, but so slow and the announcers talk in hushed tones like we are right on the green with the golfers and they make me want to sleep...zzzzzzzzz

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