Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday Meme #5 A Good Guess

My very first nursing school test was in anatomy and physiology. 
I clearly had not made the switch from flowery prose as an English Major, to Science and best guess as a new Nursing student. 

I got a 54 on my first test. I was devastated.  I saw the professor after the grades were passed out.  He said,
'You are good at guessing.  The class average was 34.'

So let's have a guessing meme this first February morning, shall we? 

I asked Fireman to guess:

*Guess how much a skein of sock yarn costs me?
He said 'twelve dollars, but I have to buy you two skiens to make a pair of socks.' 

Now we know he's not altogether wrong.  In fact he's about right. 
If I buy a 24 dollar skein of sock yarn it is usually enough yardage to make a full pair of socks. 

*If you had to guess how long it takes me to make a pair of socks ......what would you guess?
He said 6 days. 
He's about right.  Unless we count roadtrips where I knit obsessively, More so than usual, as we cross the country to visit Al.

*What do you guess is my worst knitting failure?
He didnt' skip a beat!
'Those first mittens you made where the thumb went the wrong direction and there was a big hole where it met the hand.'

Of course we know there have been many many knitting failures. 
Funny how the mitten made an impression.
Perhaps I was a cryer then.....
Now I quietly frog and reknit something worthwhile...

*Is yarn free? Ever?
Why yes it is.  Dear knit pals send one another surprise skeins and I won a contest today. I didnt even know I was an entrant. 
The Pine Ridge Reservation charity squares group picks a winner a month for some fabuous yarn give aways. 
Honest, I was just trying to be charitable. 

* Guess Who is the most popular designer on Ravelry?
I dont' know the answer to this, but Steven West has got to be in the top ten. 
The image I took at my LYS the other day, tops this page and its his design. 

*Guess one of the most popular yarns on the Ravelry yarn page today and then guess a very popular pattern :

 Popcorn  Sock Yarn by zweger garn.
Waiting for Rain, shawl pattern.

 *Finally can you guess how often an angora bunny can shed its coat for you?

Every 90 days.....


Donna said...

Don't feel terrible about that grade - I have several friends including a daughter who are in or trying to get into the nursing program. A class full of 4.0 students has been averaging about 74 on tests. It is a very difficult program. Hang in there - you can do it!

Vera said...

I guess Steven West too. And, jeeze, that seems fast for a rabbit to shed his/her coat!

Araignee said...

Too funny! The Mister knows all too well all those answers about yarn as he is usually holding the yarn for me at the fiber fests we attend and talks more to the vendors than I do.
As for my worst disaster, he would say every sweater I've ever made because I have yet to make one that really fits.
I need to make something by Stephen West. I really, really do. His crazy designs are perfect for this crazy old lady.

Nancy Kay said...

I'd say Fireman has a pretty good handle on some knitting facts and his observations of you. Ha.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, there is no way that mu Hubby could have guessed the answers to similar questions about my crocheting! Your man keeps a close eye on you it seems!! xx

Betsy said...

Fun post today. I loved that your husband could answer all of those questions.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Popcorn sock yarn. Guess I'd better go check out Ravelry.

Caffeine Girl said...

What a fun post -- very uplifting for a Monday!
The shawl doesn't grab me, but I love that Popcorn yarn. I hadn't seen it before.

Delighted Hands said...

Loved it...all the random facts I mean . The shawl... maybe fun to knit I rarely knit with the pack but I am influenced to try one a blog friend is doing!

Judy S. said...

Never heard of Popcorn yarn so need to check it out along with the shawl pattern, for as you've heard it rains a lot here! PS I like Stephen West's patterns, too.

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