Saturday, February 13, 2016

Did you Know?

I guess what's old is new again.  Remember all the novelty yarns of ten years ago?  Louisa Harding's Luzia is a faux fur novelty yarn.  (I kind of like faux fur on  the hood of a jacket etc.)  I may have to line a hat with this stuff although it may make me batty to knit with it.  I haven't purchased any yet..
Someone at my LYS knit a little hedgehog.  Well not so little.  He's bigger than my grasp.  

I left the store with this sock yarn from Plymouth.  It is Denver Bronco colors.  I'm making my sister a new pair of fingerless as a surprise.  She lived in Colorado many years and loves all things Colorado.  This yarn is so soft  that it is slippery.  I don't know if I would want socks in this slick stuff.  But it seems perfect for fingerless. 

While out shopping for a certain daughter's upcoming birthday......we saw these sunglass readers at a department store.  Who knew?  I simply have to take better care of my eyes now that I have cataracts.  I was told to get a pair of  inexpensive polarized glasses, at the very least, from the eye folks.  I still haven't.  I'm looking though.  I've never been great about sunglasses. Fireman and Zach have always had good pairs of sunglasses.  It is time. (the magnet  one's I got talked into two years ago are too loose, and are easily dislodged. I'd never fall for that sales line again)   Where do you get an inexpensive pair?  Walgreens?  


Betsy said...

Who would have thought that the novelty yarns would be back? That hedgehog is really cute though. My granddaughter would love it. I got my reading sunglasses and regular sunglasses at Walmart but I'm sure Walgreens would have them too. Great yarn! Go Broncos! ( Well, if they're not playing the Seahawks that is!)

Tired Teacher said...

Reading glasses - go to a Dollar Store.
Sunglasses- buy the best pair you can afford.

Caffeine Girl said...

You should definitely take care of your eyes! I don't wear sunglasses, but I probably should. I used to have a prescription pair, and I liked those.

I have started a pair of socks in Diversity. I don't love knitting with it, but it is a nice options for people who can't tolerate wool.

Teresa Kasner said...

Get some Serengeti sunglasses at Costco. They are not cheap.. but your eyes are worth it. I swear by Serengeti "drivers". Cute hedgehog.. I met one in real life and they are so prickly.. not cuddly in the least.

*H*A*P*P*Y* *V*A*L*E*N*T*I*N*E*S* *D*A*Y*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Delighted Hands said...

The novelty yarns are fun for accents! Very nice yarn acquisition for socks! I was just asking is there was such a thing as reader sunglasses! I'm all in next time I'm in town!

Araignee said...

I'm glad I didn't throw all my novelty yarn away. I was just looking at some of it the other day.
I've had reader sunglasses for years because I am blind as a bat. I get mine at They are not exactly cheap but very necessary for knitting and reading outside.

Mereknits said...

I was told I have beginning cataracts too, I was not happy. I guess living in Florida will do that to you but I am only freaking 51! I need better sunglasses, mine have always been cheep from Target because I break them all the time. That hedgehog would look pretty cute int hat fur yarn.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Totally love that capelet in the first photo!! The hedgehog is cute too.

Stefanie said...

Target and Walmart would be cheap places for sure. I wear sunglasses for sure b/c I feel when I squint, my eyesight gets worse and my right eye is already a -10 in contacts. Furry yarn is not easy to knit with. You can't make a mistake. I wouldn't mind trying to make a pom pom from it.

karen said...

my friend made a pair of socks in that yarn, it was one hot mess of knots! I can't wait to see what you think of the yarn. I love the colorway and the color blocks but I think my feet would sweat without a natural fiber...

Amy at love made my home said...

Love that hedgie! Happy valentines! xx

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