Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chewy February Mailings

 It being Dental month across animal America, Chewy offered dental treats.  
As usual I will put in the disclaimer: we do not get paid for the products they send us to trial.   We do get the products free of charge.
The cats didn't like the dental snacks despite the salmon lobster offering. 

We also trailed Tiki Cats canned gourmet carnivore. 
I must say ALL the cats took to the gravy based shredded meats.
They lapped up the gravy immediately. 
I was thrilled. 
Then Pie started acting strangely. She was yowling and not looking happy.  
She was nauseous. 
She vomited up more food than I thought her tummy could ever hold. 
She had gorged herself on it. 
Fireman is never pleased with cat vomit. 
For the rest of the cans I had to lock her away while the others enjoyed it. 
No one else vomited it. 
They Loved all the flavors. 

Thanks Chewy and Sydney. Another fun month of trials, meant treats for the Felines at our humble abode!


Araignee said...

My cats love gravy based kitty food too and they do the same thing. Eat, eat, eat and then puke it back up. On good days it goes right back in the bowls. On bad days, it's all over the house. I would say kitty puke is the worst but I just cleaned up the deck for the second day in the row from the males spraying all over my fleece shed. :(

Linda said...

my cat does not do well with gravy based foods. Doesn't throw up - but the litterbox is even less fun to clean - LOL!
He cannot use a scented litter. We tried once and he was throwing up then! So we went back to the original unscented we had been using for so long.

Linda in VA

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm with fireman on that one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

I've been missing our kitty that we lost last year and have been tempted to adopt a new little one...and then I read posts about cat vomit, kitty litter, etc. and I rethink my position. lol. Not really. I would love another cat but just can't have one right now.

Dee said...

Giroux loves Weruva cat food, but sometimes will only lick the gravy and then all the food goes to waste. :-(

The time we tried a different brand, it did not go well on his tummy with the typical cat results.

Delighted Hands said...

We have gravy slurpers here, too, so the food gets wasted! We have a nice combo of dry and now we haven't had vomit in ages....what a relief because they always run to the rug to throw up!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

And here I thought Lilly Bean was the only one that did that! She laps up the gravy like she's never eaten before and instantly chucks it right back up. It's comforting to know she's not alone. I was starting to think she was anorexic!!

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