Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Messy Morning

 Taking photos at my LYS Three Bags Full, led to this discovery. 
The Tutto Bump Stole- 
The pattern is also available on Ravelry if you don't want to purchase the entire Tutto a Mano book.
The yarn is Isager and you need 5 skeins to make this fun cowl.
I like the bumps.  
Just thought I'd show you....
 I'm head over sock heels for my new Frolicking feet yarn in neon blue and navy.  
I tried Knitpicks double pointed needles for the first time yesterday.
Just in time for Valentines' day, I'm in love.
The feel so good in my hands .
I love wooden needles and these are the creme de le creme for me. 
Only 10 dollars by the time they are shipped, I'll be ordering more for sure.  The coating in the needles is slick but not slippery. 
Finally, today I have a puppy rant. 
Just look at the size of these dogs at the park.
But I digress.
I was helping in the operating room this morning for the animal shelter.   We operated on 7 puppies. 
I had the lovely job of wrangling them out of their pen and getting them in a carrier to transport to the next door office. 
Seven puppies get very very excited when a human enters the shelter for the first time in the morning. 
They have pottied in the pen during the nights and they exuberantly jump all over the poop in an effort to greet me. 
It is everywhere.  The jump in it and jump on each other and race around, delighted.  
Let me tell you it is a huge mess. 
God love the puppy fosters. 
Kittens will put their noses in the air and point at the opposite end of the area where they relieved themselves.  They would no sooner jump in poop than bark.  
Ahhh puppies. You have to love them but they are mess makers! 
One learns very quickly to wear the rattiest clothes you can when you are dealing with pups! 

Happy Messy Morning.!!!!


Bridget said...

I like that cowl, but would likely never make it ...

I do love those big dogs, and would have to find a way to pet them. :-)

I think puppies are the most optimistic creatures on the earth. No matter how terrible something is, 2 seconds later life is great again ...

Kim in Oregon said...

I am off to get the pattern!!

Nothing like an exuberant, poop covered puppy dog!

Suburban prep said...

I was thinking of heading out to Three Bags earlier if I had gone into help my parents but my father called to state he did not want to go out today since it was so cold.
I go when on my way home from their place sometimes.

Vera said...

That bump pattern is pretty, but I bet it would drive me crazy making it - lol. That is one BIG dog in that photo. Love your socks - what pattern? The yarn is gorgeous!!

Tired Teacher said...

An interesting scarf/cowl, but I doubt I would make it. Love your socks and the color of the yarn.

One puppy is a handful, so I can't imagine a crate/pen full of them.

kathy b said...

Very. The socks are my own little pattern. Rib the cuffs. Then at the body, about every 7 rows work a row of k2tog, Yo.
It just gives it a bit of interest. Then heel flap, turn, gusset and regular toe decreases. Love the Frolicking Feet

Judy S. said...

You just got that Frolicking yarn and you've got a sock done? Impressive! Sounds like a crazy morning!? Glad you survived! That is a nice pattern, but I, too, am not crazy about doing bobbles, very time consuming! Now to check out the sock yarn.......

Anonymous said...

Yes .....cats are MUCH tidier and much more discerning. The dog next door will act quite the fool when we are outside together. Giroux is "above" all that slobbery foolishness!!!! LOL

I'm using Frolicking Feet right now too. Mine is acid lime and purple ---- Dancing Leprechauns!

Araignee said...

Love that cowl! And you are so right about puppies (and dogs in general). They are slobs but soooo cute.

elns said...

Okay poop everywhere for puppies is kind of eww.

I love those socks and the yarn is just to die for, beautiful!

Teresa Kasner said...

That is such a pretty scarf. I kind of gagged thinking of the poopy puppy roundup. You're brave! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

dorinalouise said...

Your puppy story is so funny! And so true!!

Your socks are gorgeous. What an amazing color . . Have fun finishing them :)

Nancy Kay said...

Yes, funny puppy story.

My favorite needles are wooden. I would rather knit on them any day - any project.

Elaine said...

I love that bump stole, very interesting. I would take puppies over kittens any day!

karen said...

since I own a 14 pound dog I cannot imagine one that size in my house, on my couch or in my life. EEP. You summed up puppies perfectly they have no pride or any common sense. Really!! Love the stole!

Frieda said...

Kudos to you for helping out the shelter even with the poopy pawed puppies , lol . The socks look great ! I love working with wooden needles for sock knitting , haven't tried the Knit Picks yet . I have a couple of sets of the Knitters Pride and some Hiya Hiya , love them . I am slowly getting more of the Hiya Hiya circulars too . They are amazing for shawls .

Delighted Hands said...

I'm not a good scarf or stole knitter-it is just too long and boring for me! But this is pretty and I can admire it! I love the KnitPicks wooden needles, too. Puppies....not so much! It's nice you help out!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I love that you help out at the shelter and I love wooden needles too! Problem is Levi, Louie, and Lilly Bean do too so they just never survive here. :-(

Katherine said...

That is hilarious!! I can imagine you dodging puppies and poop. Forgive me for laughing! It isn't just a puppy thing though because I've seen Max walk through his business when he finishes, rather than walk around it. I always attribute it to boy dogs. He is such a boy! Macy is always a pristine white and she wouldn't think of getting dirty that way.

Love the blue socks! I also love Knit Picks wooden double points.

Mereknits said...

Puppies are mess makers but they smell divine, well except for that poop.

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