Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tuesday and it is 70 degrees in CHICAGO

 I think I'm going to have to put the THIS TOOK FOREVER label in my leftover sock yarn blanket when it is done!  
I worked about an inch on it yesterday waiting in the Endocrinologist's office.
All's good with my thryoid :)
Zach and friends made it to Pilsen on time for the Amazing Day of the Dead parade yesterday. This photo is from the Tribune.
He took some amazing shots that' I'll get him to share later. 
Anthony Bourdain made a point that if all Immigrants from Mexico had to go back, it would close down 90% of American restaurants. He said they are hard working immigrants and we need them. 
 Mr. Coopers Hawk shut down our restaurant this week.  He made no bones about being next to the goldfinch feeder....and scared them all away.  Still, he's amazing isn't he?
Finally, I love the pockets on this little boy sweater. 
We are having a Melamia trunk show at my LYS Three Bags.  I think those pockets would hold a hotwheels car easily..
maybe a truck!
Our weather is magnifico!


Caffeine Girl said...

Very cute sweater! Those sleeve pockets are sweet.
This weather is awesome -- except I'm inside school. :( I hope to get home in time for a walk.

Teresa Kasner said...

That is a wonderful photo of the hawk you got! I do love them.. we have a lot of red-tailed hawks here and I love to see them in flight when the sun shines through their red tail. Cute sweater!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

A hawk hangs around my yard in the winter trying to capture a bird at my neighbor's feeders. He is persistent, but I'm not sure how successful he is.

Nancy Kay said...

What a fun post today. Great photo of the hawk. And yes, I think the pockets on that sweater could sure hold a precious hotwheel car.

Dee said...

That hawk is amazing. beautiful shot, but sorry he is chasing the other birdies away.

The red shouldered hawk has been around our backyard for a couple of days. That usually means that he has seen a tasty snake.

Araignee said...

I had a hawk land on my parrot's cage once when she was on the deck. It was her own fault because she was mimicking their call. Needless to say she doesn't go out anymore.
I love the Day of the Dead celebrations. It was part of our curriculum when I taught first grade and the mother's used to bring us the special bread they baked. I love the idea of sharing food and song with our dearly departed as if they were still with us for one special night.

Tahnee said...

That label fits in nearly all my knits :D

Delighted Hands said...

The hawk is a beauty; we have red shouldered hawks. The tags are funny!

KSD said...

Love the tags!

elns said...

I'm glad your thyroid is good. Keep it that way, for me ? ok ? ;)

I love those labels. I think all of us knitters need a secret packet of those eh?

And the hawk is a beauty. Sending you the happy.

karen said...

I'll need the same tag for my never ending blanket :) Glad your thyroid is good!! Love the hawk, nice photo!!

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