Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Light as a Feather Batueax Tutto Scarf in Isager Alpaca

 First of all, I hope all the Veterans and families feel special and appreciated today.  Thank you for your service to this great country. 

I cast off the Tutto scarf last night. 
Details in the Title of this post. 
Now for The Sweater Weather Challenge meme that so many of you have detailed.  I made a few new ones up.

Favorite Candle Scent: None. I prefer beeswax candles.

Coffee or Tea: Oh most definitely coffee. Preferred coffee: Mexican!!! 

Best Fall Memory: This year: Door County with Fireman 

Best Fall Smell: Easy one: Woodsmoke

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Turkey with Gravy

Most Worn Sweater: Can I say the Shawl my Locker Partner Crocheted for me last year?  SO so soft. 

Favorite Fall Makeup : Nail polish like Revlon's Bordeaux

Favorite Pie: Miss Pie

Favorite Fall Accessory: my Plaid sandals. I just can't give up Sandals until the snow flies. 

Favorite Fall Activity: POST SEASON CUBS BASEBALL even though it was painful 

Favorite Fall sleep: Windows open, no humidity, need another blanket on the bed

Happy Fall Y'all!




Stefanie said...

Yay on finishing a scarf. Will you be blocking it?

Nancy Kay said...

The scarf truly looks light as a feather. So pretty!

Tired Teacher said...

You have had a LOT of finished knits recently. You go, girl!

Teresa Kasner said...

That scarf looks very lacy and pretty. I also love the smell of pure beeswax candles.. but I also like spice scented ones for fall. I used to roll my own beeswax candles out of beekeeping sheets of beeswax.. I guess I need to make some more of those. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

kathy b said...

Oh No. I rarely block!!

Anonymous said...

Woodsmoke ...........yep, that IS the fragrance of fall.

KSD said...

Nice twist on the "Favorite Pie" --- but, of course!

Araignee said...

Best Pie ever...and NO calories!

Tahnee said...

That scarf looks light as a feather indeed, great knit!

Beth Coleman said...

Beautiful shawl! Thanks for sharing.

elns said...

I heart your Pie too :) Great shawl!

Delighted Hands said...

Nice entry! Pretty scarf!

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