Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thankful for:

My socks are moving along.  Once I get to the gusset I just finish them and stop the side by side method.  
I think my eyes need a break from tiny stitches and tiny needles today. 
everything was looking like this last night......
Nancy at Three Bags is stitching stockings again.
This tree truck is so cute! 

There will be a few changes here at Irisheyes this holiday season:

My cookie control tradition is gone this year. 
I'm not even keeping cookies in the house, whether 
wrapped in packing tape or not. 

The temptation is just too great.
This is not to say I won't occasionally indulge when a Christmas cookie presents itself during the season. 

The tree is going to be a big old mess with Fezzik and Pie this year. 
I may start with no ornaments because Fezzik is a kitten and because Pie climbed the tree last year. 
This could make putting it up and taking it down very easy!


I will start my Thankful for's today:

I'm very thankful for Teresa's sour dough starter recipe.
I finally made sourdough pancakes and bread at home.
Mmmmmmm.  Delish.  Wouldn't have done it without her encouragement. 




Araignee said...

I love that sock yarn. It looks like spring confetti. Beautiful.
As for the tree, I haven't been able to put up a tree without kitty carnage in years. I bought lots of unbreakables and hope for the best.

elns said...

Araignee is right, totally looks like confetti, very cute socks. I was cracking up when your wrote everything looked like this (teeny tiny font). hahahah! Yes! I know this feeling.

I'm glad you are not going to completely deny yourself if your health is okay with it. 'Tis the season for a few treats, non?

Lots of lovely things to be thankful for. Wishing you well.

Stefanie said...

Holey donuts, Nancy's got skillz! Love your first sock. It's like a girly Christmas. I think of cute elves in fur lined velvet with boughs of Christmas trees about.

Susan said...

Very pretty socks--I love the colorway. No cookies for Christmas? I plan on baking seven kinds, but I will give lots away (and yes, I will eat lots, too--'tis the season!) I love kitties at Christmas. This will be the first year without my Willow. She always liked to sleep under the tree; I will miss that.

Caffeine Girl said...

I really should follow your lead on the cookies. But I love to make them...almost as much as I love to eat them!
Very cute sock. And your friend's stocking is amazing.
Kitties and Christmas -- not always the best match!

Tahnee said...

Lovely socks and that tree truck indeed is adorable!

Teresa Kasner said...

I love the muted Christmas colors in your newest socks.. you really are amazingly fast at making them. I'm so pleased that you count me as someone to be thankful for.. you are SO SWEET! I'm so glad you tried the sourdough flapjacks and bread.. what a time-honored skill you've mastered! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

Sock & stocking are fabulous!

Cookies are too dangerous to have in my house, soooo no cookie baking again this year. I may decorate a tree this year, as it hasn't been up in several years.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cute socks - those colours will warm up winter nicely!

Judy S. said...

Great sock! I love that color! No cookie baking here either; my will power isn't very good. Glad you're trying sour dough! I'm thankful for my blogging friends!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! said...

Your tree truck is adorable! I could a great present for Christmas) I would like to see it completed.

Barbara Vidock said...

Our neighbors across the street (with 3 cats) used to hang their tree upside down from the ceiling ;)

Delighted Hands said...

I love the socks...just in time to wear them for all December! Let the cats have a tree; they love it!

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