Friday, November 13, 2015

Socks and Soups and Serious Cats

 I want the Santa yarn..
I want it now....
I think it was only available on an Etsy sellers site and it is all gone.
If you have some, if you see some.....let me know? Okay?
 My sock knitting is in full swing. 
Perhaps because my toes were freezing yesterday.
I put wool socks on. 
I sat under my electric blanket and I knitted. 
You cannot knit enough socks or have enough socks in the Midwest. 

I've had fun occasions to go into my Knit Finish drawer and hand out some gifts .  I gave about 10 pair of mittens to someone who helps with the homeless.
I gave a big pair of mittens to Zach's pal Steve. 
Steve is moving to Colorado. 
I gave a Trap scarf to his girlfriend because she loves all things knitted and her birthday is Sunday. 
I donated some hats to our church drive. 
Tis a blessing to give....

For some reason I can wear wool on my feet and not feel itchy. 
It is the Knit blessing I've been born with...

 Yesterday was Unstuffed Pepper Soup day. 
Just google the recipes. 
They are all about the same.
I added too much rice. 
Note to self: add much less rice next time.  

Happy Friday the 13th.  Miss Pie says she's good luck and she is. 
She's a funny looking midget of a cat. 
Her expression never changes due to her cataracts.
Good Luck to you today! 
Let me know if Pie brings you luck.


Delighted Hands said...

What clever socks! You might need to try dyeing a sock blank for yourself to get a skein like this!
I can almost smell that soup from here!

Araignee said...

Happy 13th Miss Pie!!!!
Yeah, that Santa yarn is amazing and so hard to get just like the watermelon ones. I can wear the itchiest wool on my feet without any issues at all. That's where most of my handspun fleeces go. Yummo soup.I'm too busy to make some but I sure could use some right now.

Tired Teacher said...

Seriously there is Santa yarn? How fun would that be to knit!

I agree, it makes a heart sing to give and give some more.

Stefanie said...

That's a fun little candle hanging there. I love the color. And I hear you on the freezing. I have flannel PJ bottoms on with socks, a tank, a tee, and a zip up hoodie + an infinity scarf and I'm still cold. Well gee, no wonder, it's 59° out even with sun. And what a lovely wool gift fairy you are.

Katherine said...

Santa Socks? Why am I just hearing about this miracle? If I had known about the yarn I would have bought 20 skeins to give to all my knitting friends! Wow am I out of the know lately!

Now that I have seen Miss Pie's sweet face my day will surely be lucky.

Nancy Kay said...

Of course, Miss could only promise good things!! Say, the Santa yarn is quite the deal; I haven't seen that!

I'm so glad you have a stash of finished projects to share with those who appreciate the work! Nice!

Bridget said...

I think if you message that seller on Etsy, she will do a special order for you. That's how I got the yarn to make the watermelon socks.

How could Miss Pie NOT be good luck???? Please give her a kiss from me.

Kim in Oregon said...

That yarn is precious!

Susan said...

I ♥ Miss Pie--I'm sure she will bring me good luck! Wow, that Santa yarn is awesome, I love it and want it, too. And, I'm knitting like crazy these days, as well, socks and hats and Christmas goodies.That's what November is for, right?

Teresa Kasner said...

Now that is some amazing yarn for sure. I used some that made little roses and was amazed how it worked out. Miss Pie gave me luck, I just know it. Didn't know it was Friday the 13th.. glad I'm staying home by the fire and starting a new knitting project! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Judy S. said...

That Santa yarn is amazing; if you find out how to get some, please let me know! Love your sweet Pie! Bless you for sharing your wonderful knitting projects with others. It's pouring here and chilly, a good day to stay inside.

KSD said...

How in the world do you dye a yarn to ensure that that intricate a design will result in every sock?

sevendwarps said...

The seller of the Santa yarn on Etsy is ArtisticYarnbyAbi. Here's the link... grasso&ref=sr_gallery_1

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