Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Reducing our Carbon Footprints

My roses continue to "show" beautifully.
Maybe because the rest of the garden is put to bed, these last blooms are striking to me. 

I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint in small ways. 
I am using my coffee grounds as mulch in the garden instead of throwing them out.
Does that count?

I bought a BOOGIE BOARD which is a small screen that I can write on.  No more paper lists. 
I got it at Staples and I love it. 
I also love that you use a "pen" and write in your own script. 

I bought the mozzarella stick strings in one big lump yesterday.
I don't need individually wrapped sticks and unwrapping them drives me nuts anyway. 

I think we, collectively, as knitters reduce our carbon footprints by having hobbies like knitting that create clothing and gifts with our hands.  
That counts right? 
Do you take small steps for the planet Earth?


Caffeine Girl said...

I agree. Knitting is an ecological hobby. What is really frustrating is that most pollution is from things we can't control like industry and farming. I try to buy local, but it's not even a drop in the bucket!

I can't believe you still have roses blooming. How lovely for November!

Tired Teacher said...

I recycle all at I possibly can, and some weeks, I don't have enough garbage To warrant taking the roll-out to the curb, which makes me very happy.

Patty said...

I try! I know we waste a lot of food and should compost. That shot of the roses is beautiful!

Kim in Oregon said...

Good ideas here thank you all! We are rabid recyclers and light-turner-offers. We also keep the thermostat low and often turn it off at night, using rice bags to keep the bed toasty.

Linda said...

First, let me say, I love the photo!! Second, I have been trying really hard to turn off lights when not in the room, not let the water run while I brush my teeth, things like that. I don't recycle (which is bad of me). But I'm trying in little ways here and there!!

Linda in VA

Wanderingcatstudio said...

our town has a fantastic curbside recycling/compost program... the only thing that goes in hte garbage here is some harder plastics. Glass/recyclable plastic,cardboard and paper all get recycled. All food products (including meat), hair, tissues, even cat litter can be put in our green bins (for composting)...all we have to do is bin it and put it on thecurb on garbage day. The city takes care of the rest.
That said, i do a little home composting (veggies/fruits and newspapers) for my own gardens. I don't drink cofffee, and Dave likes instant, so I steal Mom's grounds for the gardens (they love it!)
I also plan my errands so I can either walk to them or do them enroute to/from work. And now I work from home a couple days a week, so I save gas that way.
I don't buy bottled water, if I need water on the go, I take a thermos.
And Dave is Master Fix-it....if he can fix it, we won't replace it (he's fixed my $7 toaster five's going on 10 years old now... but he won't let it die!)

Susan said...

Love this post and the photo! My roses are still blooming, too (I'm in Massachusett); it's been a really warm autumn. But, last year I had violets blooming in December. (And then the snow came and never stopped until the end of April.)

Teresa Kasner said...

In Oregon we are pretty "green". We recycle, our chickens get all the old veg and leftovers they can eat, our DIL makes sure we eat things until they're gone.. so I think we're doing good here. Good for you to get others to think of doing the same. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy Kay said...

I've always been one to turn off lights, go easy on the electric heat (throw another log on the fire) when I can, and I've been doing as much recycling as possible. I am always very happy to recycle all those papers and magazines and cardboard boxes!

Pammy Sue said...

Such beautiful roses, Kathy! I have always used my ued coffee grounds in the garden (especially roses) too. Every little bit helps!

Araignee said...

Wow...roses in November. That's pretty amazing. I am hoping that means a milder winter than we have had. As for my carbon footprint...we recycle-it's mandatory here and I use old boxes and newspapers in the parrots cage. She's an excellent recycler. When she's done chewing it up, it's mulch.

Delighted Hands said...

We recycle voluntarily; and using old fixed up and given a second life is very exciting !
I love your roses! Nice job.

Judy S. said...

Your roses are beautiful! Ours are very unhappy because of all the wet weather we've had lately. We try hard to recycle. Glad to hear knitting is ecological, especially those who frog old sweaters and reknit the yarn. (I've never tried it, have you?)

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